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Critical thinking is the objective analysis of facts to form a judgment. It involves five core skills: reasoning, analyzing, decision making, problem-solving and evaluating. There are several reasons why I think studying critical thinking was essential to me. It is essential to me because it enables me to get a depth of my thought process. Through this class, I have learned how critical thinking has an effect on people on a personal, cultural and political level.

To begin with, in this day and age of the new global economy which is driven by the forces of information and technology, critical thinking skills have become a necessity. This economy is on the lookout for individuals that have the ability to analyze and interpret information as well as solve problems. By taking this class, my analyzing and interpreting of information has become more precise. In regards to problem-solving, this class made me realize that you have to go deep into the question to get the best outcome. Trying to get solutions from the basis of brainstorming is not enough to enable the best solution to any question or scenario but rather going into case studies or articles related to the problem enables to reduce fallacies and fillers in any essay writing. When talking about cultural leaders, they need to up their game to attract the youth, since the twenty-first-century youth is more into information and technology thus the leaders need to think critically by carrying out the thought process. One of the ways to

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do this is by working with app developing companies to make fun apps that mainly focus on providing more essential information about religion and culture. In addition to Government policies, if the analysis is not up to the mark, a country can be led into debts, and as well as if the budget is not interpreted according to the requirements, the crisis may occur. For example, looking at public colleges, there must be a critical analysis to ensure full facility to the poor as well as the right amount of salaries to teachers who are only aiming to give their hundred percentage towards student success.

Moreover, good critical thinking enhances your language and presentation skills. Being able to think clearly and systematically improves how you portray yourself to others as well as how you express your thoughts and feelings to others. Having said that, in regards to my case, this class has enabled me to understand the valid, invalid points that should be focused on, mainly towards any sort of essay or any presentation skill in any other classes I am taking and will take ahead. My grammar has become clearer since reviewing the essay critically has enabled me to reduce grammatical errors. In regards to the politicians and the cultural leaders, the language spoken should be very clear to convey the message. To present a point, critical thinking must be put in place, the skills to communicate must be clear. Politically take an example, the government, when presenting a topic of job opportunities, is a hot topic and the language to express their effort and presentation skills should be very smooth and eye-catching to enable a better understanding towards what is being done and thus this attracts the audience in the community or around the world. Having said all this, this can be very beneficial when carrying out a public speech, as there will be multiple occasions where they would have to present in front of an audience.

Additionally, more recruiting companies are in the search of individuals who have good critical thinking skills in such a fast-changing economy. To possess these qualities, studying critical thinking was a necessity. Critical thinking opened a door to creativity. Having said this, by taking this class, good critical thinking skills helped me think outside the box for any situation. I personally feel like this is a very essential quality to possess, as it reminds me of a quote I read, “if your perception is accurate, it is not a must that other’s is inaccurate.” I always heard that creativity is a quality that will be valued not only at university but also in real-life practical situations. As a matter of fact, most entrance exams such as the GRE focus on critical thinking skills, this just shows me that one of the most important criteria for success in college is good critical thinking. When talking about cultural, and political leaders, creativity enables them to focus on every small detail making decisions that make them live better with uncertainty because they can adapt their thinking to allow for flows of unknown. As well as enables leaders to develop confidence since being creative comes with ups and downs and a high risk of failure. Engaging in the creative process is a great confidence builder since failure is part of the process thus once leaders fail, it helps them grow and makes them work better, with a creative mindset.

Critical Thinking is also crucial for self-reflection. We need to justify and reflect on our values and decisions. From this class, critical thinking has provided the tools for the process of self-evaluation, I was able to understand and judge myself better as a critical thinker. We know what is right and wrong for us. In fact, it is proven that critical thinkers are less likely to fall for scams. In regards to the political leaders, who lack critical thinking for example the forty-fifth president of the United States of America seems to lack self- reflection. As a political leader, he is leading the country into crisis in regards to leader force since building a wall does not benefit the country in any way. If anything building this wall will affect the country because not letting people in also means not letting people out. Many of those who are already here, protest against this wall, which could be spending their time and energy working on other effective work for humanity. A large amount of money is being put to control the protest thus leading to not being self-reflective.

In conclusion, critical thinking skills help everyone understand the opinion of others which in turn enhances your ability to work with different people. After my study on critical thinking, I was able to possess good critical thinking skills. These skills are more valuable than I imagined, they not only helped me grow as a person but they are skills that recruiters pay for. On a personal, cultural, political level, critical thinking is essential thus it enables me to learn that critical thinking is not just limited to highly intelligent people, anyone can have good critical thinking skills provided they study it.    

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