What Being a Barber Gives You

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Table of Contents

  • Learning New Things
  • Conversations and Gossips
  • Judgement Free
  • The Importance of a Haircut
  • Hygiene
  • Barbers Before and Today
  • Meeting New People

Learning New Things

Imagine growing up with one hairstyle by your parents or grandparents, with just one guard setting and always the same. Then you go to a real barber shop and get a real haircut. It makes you feel a lot better about yourself and you feel like a stronger and wiser person. Being a barber in a small town means meeting different people and being close to those people who you call your clients. You can learn new things every day, “Despite being in a small town, he meets people from all over the world and learns new things every day.’ This quote is talking about being in a small town and learning new things from new people from all over the world.

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Conversations and Gossips

Working in a barbershop means seeing a lot of new faces, different races such as white, black, mexican, etcetera and hispanic. ‘I see all kinds of people — black, white, young, old, it doesn’t matter who you are.’ This quote is referring to meeting different races in the barber shop. This relates to me because it is true, whenever i’m working I get a lot of messages from all kinds of different races. Back in the day the clients did not just go for haircuts, they also went for conversations, advice, and rumors. “The patrons come for more than just a haircut. It’s about community, conversation and the occasional gossip.’ People use to go to the barbershop for conversations.

Judgement Free

The barbershop is a very judgement free place you can talk about politics and religion, yeah there might be a tiny argument because all people are different and have different choices`but other than that nothing is really off topic. ‘We have a good time here, we talk about politics, religion, nothing is off-topic’you can talk about whatever in the barbershop. Back in the day barbers would have pay phones in the shop and can place bets for their customers,’The shops also had a few pay phones, used by many of the patrons to place bets for their customers’. the barbers can place bets for the customers.

The Importance of a Haircut

Getting a haircut is a very important thing to men or even women it is like buying a new watch, hat or new shoes.’Getting a haircut is like buying new clothes, new shoes,’ Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez said. ‘A professional baseball pitcher said getting a haircut is like buying clothes. Being a licensed barber is important because you know a lot more stuff than any other “barber” older barbers love to see new faces in the shop so they can teach them some stuff.’It’s not take anybody out of business, but bring more people into the business. Back like it should be’ Jackson said.’the shops need more professional barbers in the business.


Health and hygiene in a barbershop is very very important because your carrying so many germs and bacteria on your hands and if you’re touching your clients face, hair, mustache, or beard you can get them sick. You always need to wash your hands before and after.

Barbers Before and Today

Back in the day barbering was mainly in Italy by Italians, they would serve not only haircuts and hot towel shaves but would give teens on a date a hair comb and give shoe shines. ‘Barbering was dominated by Italians back then, and the services on offer included not only a cut and daily shave complete with hot towel finish, but on Saturday evenings a hair-comb for teenagers off on a date, and at all times a shoe shine’. Barbering was originated in italy and served more services than they provide in todays shops. People use to think that a manicure can affect your manhood but all it is, is a generous display. “The patrons of those barber shops did not believe a manicure challenged their manhood, which was on ample display’. A manicure is just something for your nails all people can get them and it does not affect who you are, it is just up to you how you wanna take care of yourself.

Getting a haircut is a confidence booster, it gives you energy to go out and do stuff. ‘You feel relaxed. You feel like it’s a boost. It’s an energy boost. It’s a confidence builder,’ this is saying you gain a lot more confidence after a haircut. Barbers back then did not have to go to school to cut hair but nowadays they have to go to school for just around a year and get a license or spend roughly two years under a licensed barber. ‘Barbers practicing prior to the law taking effect are exempt from new training requirements. New barbers have to complete one year of schooling or spend two years under a licensed barber.” New babers nowadays have to go to school, which is really smart because back then there really was not much to a haircut but a couple styles compared to now, there is all kinds of different styles and you have to learn how to cut the top with shears and clippers.

Meeting New People

In the barbering industries you meet a lot of really cool people from all over the world and they tell you all about their cultures and what its like there, what they have over there and how much different it is. ‘Just the other day I met a guy from Egypt, and he told me all about the culture and the pyramids.’ A barber met this guy from egypt and the guy was telling him about the pyramids in egypt. MLB has a set barber he is available for all professional baseball players, baseball players need their haircut because they play every night and they have to look good on television. ‘Barbers have become staples in professional baseball’s culture. They are pseudo-therapists. They can become confidants. If nothing else, they provide a service some players rely on before they perform in front of thousands every day. “Professional athletes rely on barbers to make them look good for their games because they feel if you look good, you play better.

Barbers get lucky enough to cut people’s hair from all over the world even from different countries. ‘ ‘I enjoy my job and I enjoy what I do. I talk to people from all over the country and all over the world — that’s the fun part “Dula said”. You have to love your job no matter what it is, if you do not like your job then it is not for you, go find something else. Barbers in bing cities get chances to meet people from different countries,small towns to but very rarely. Being a kid barber starting out young is kinda difficult if you have no one to really cut but when your friends see your hair they might ask who cut it and then you can start practicing on them and they might pay you something.’Dula started cutting is own hair when he was 12 years old living in Lenoir. Once his friends saw his hair, they wanted in, and from then on it was written in stone that he would be a barber”. A barber named Dula started cutting his own hair when he was 12 years of age , And once his friends saw his hair, they all wanted haircuts and that is when he really knew he wanted to be a Barber. Professional athletes are from all over the world ‘I was cutting hair for all the ball players — NBA, NFL, major league — and I was getting to know all different cultures.’

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