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What Books Should Students Read in Universities

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Have you ever wondered why people read books? This answer, although seemingly banal, certainly brings some difficulties to some people. Despite the fact that they are dealing with literature practically all their lives, none of them wonder what its role is. Still running somewhere, not stopping to take a breath, they omit such an obvious and inherent value in the life of every human being. Books, mainly, develop human imagination, transfer into fairy-tale, dream spaces, allow to experience amazing adventures, embody the dream roles, and let people meet and interact with characters that are in no way possible to meet in the real world. Literature is thus a stepping stone from gray everyday life, introducing into a completely different world, whose co-creator is also a reader.

Unfortunately, reading nowadays is fun and relaxing if it is not obligatory. The choice of books, through which the youth must bravely ready, made by Colleges and universities is also not helping to encourage young people to read. Yet, again they ‘need” to read them to get a good final grade. Books selected for students are often very long, based on an ancient history and often do not arouse interest and do not encourage youth to read.

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The introduction of the RHT 102 course as compulsory at universities is one of the best ideas of the school committee. When reading, we are expanding the range of words, we consolidate grammar, spelling and we practice our own literary language. These features are one of the most useful, because we use these skills in everyday life. Then, why universities, therefore, make it difficult for young people to enjoy reading and learning literature? The structure of a given course is quite well structured. The only thing that can be changed to encourage students to read is to change the canyon of proposed reading, give young people a choice and the opportunity to learn what really interests them. Teachers have to teach them what has been taught so far, but in a more modern way. The world is changing all the time. It does not stop. So, the schools shouldn’t either. Why is the teaching council convinced that the retention of the literary past, these days, is a good idea? Well, no.

As the first book that should be transformed in college is “Little Prince” written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It is a book that every person should read, because it is not just a book for children. Many people are guided by the title and think that it is addressed only to the youngest. Nothing more wrong. “Little Prince” is a book for children, but also for adults. It has become it because it raises problems that are most important in human life. This book points out that there are many more important things in a person’s life than money. The author draws attention to the fact that people should sacrifice themselves for others. It is a story of a very important value in life – friendship. Antoine de Saint-Exupery reminds us that friendship is possible between people and it cannot be replaced by anything. “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” (“Little Prince”, Antoine Saint-Exupery). A very important part is the conversation of the Little Prince with a fox, when it is said that for friends you have to sacrifice a lot, look after them and feel responsible for them. The “Little Prince” is a book that provokes the reader to reflect on what values are really the most important in our life. This book can change lives of many people because it shows the right way to go. Besides, it contains the message that it is worth searching for a true friend, because nothing can replace us.

The next novel, which should be in the canyon, is a classic novel from Mrs. Austen’s pen, under the title “Pride and Prejudice”. Jane Austen is an English writer, recognized as the forerunner of a modern realistic novel. This is a really beautiful story about how often we succumb to the first usually misleading impression. In this respect, its universalism manifests itself. Although the events take place in a completely different century, the values that it brings are compatible with the problems of our time. The main topic is the feelings of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, but it is very complicated. From the perspective of the viewer, we can see how rapidly and surprisingly the twists and turns of the action are due to the two. This keeps the reader constantly in suspense, absorbing him into a series of stories and interest the reader up to the last page. Characters in the book are constructed so intricately, so splendidly shimmering with various shades of character traits that they can only be admired and not to believe that the woman who invented them lived relatively so long ago. “Pride and prejudice” is not the kind of classics you need to know, it’s a class that you know nicely, which pretends that there are books for which the passage of time has no meaning. It is a universal message to every couple in modern times, so that they never let them quench their feelings, because love is a gift that once lost will never come back. “Pride and prejudice” helped to understand the problem that bothers centuries and it shows with satisfaction that it is not worth trusting the first impression, because it is sometimes misleading. The reading of this work gives a lot of pleasure, but also an idea of the times when birth, fortune and connections took over the feelings, although, as the situation in the book shows, there are exceptions to this rule.

Thirdly, the book that must be read obligatorily is Emili Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights”. It is the history of tragic love and vengeance based on the history of three generations of two landed families, a story whose scenery is the mysterious and captivating moors of northern England. The little boy, Heathcliff, goes to the Earnshaw home as an orphaned child. Growing up in this affluent family, she bestows mutual love on Catherine, the daughter of her foster parents. Persecuted by the future heir of Hindley, he also learns the taste of hatred. When he realizes that conventions can overcome even the strongest love, he disappears for three years to return as having a fortune of unknown origin, a demonic and ruthless avenger. From now on, it will not be easy for anyone in the family to find their own happiness. When “Wuthering Heights” was published for the first time in print in 1847, it caused controversy and general indignation, the novel gained recognition and opinion of the masterpiece much later. What has hurt the readers of that time is not completely unnoticeable for today. The brutality of this book, most likely modeled on everyday life. The book presents the history of two generations – destroyed by one unhappy feeling. The relationship of the main characters – Cathy and Heathcliff – is very complex and escapes the schemes typical for the presentation of unhappy love. Growing up together as siblings, they created their own world, sharing everything with each other, as if the differences between a woman and a man did not concern them. Their bond is above all spiritual, Cathy says: “Nelly, I live in Heathcliff. He is always present in my mind. Not as joy – I am not always happy for myself – but as my true being” (“Wuthering Heights”, E. Bronte).

However, when another man appears – handsome and rich Edgar Linton – the girl makes the wrong decision and marries him. Rejected Heathcliff disappears for many years, but one day he returns to take revenge. It is not just the story of Heathcliff and Catherine’s turbulent and passionate love. It’s both creative and destructive power. It is also a social and moral novel that exposes the dark and wild side of human nature. It is also in its own way a religious satire ridiculing false devotion under which those who hide their behavior fully contradict their ideas. “Wuthering Heights” is a novel that awakens in readers a lot of emotions, both positive and negative. This is a story that despite the passage of nearly 170 years from the date of its first publication, it still fascinates and memorable. This is one of those novels that is not only worth it, but it must be explored, which is why I highly recommend it to all those who were not given the opportunity to become familiar with it.

Another item that must be on this list is “The Dairy of Ann Frank” written by Ann Frank. Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt am Main, in a Jewish family, on June 12, 1929. Her parents were Otto and Edith Frank, she also had an older sister, Margot. When Hitler came to power in Germany, the Franks family moved to the Netherlands. Unfortunately, along with the attack of Germany, also persecutions of Jews appeared. Father Anne felt that in order to survive the war, he had to hide with his family. With the help of his colleagues, he prepared a hiding place in the old office outbuilding in which he worked. During the whole stay in the outbuilding, Anne Frank kept her ”Diary”. It is considered one of the most important testimonies of the Holocaust. It describes the hardships of everyday life, conflicts, difficult relationships with her mother, her loneliness and the feeling of being abused by everyone, just because she is the youngest. She often confides that she lives in constant fear of detection or bombing. Life in the outbuilding has a huge impact on Anna. We can observe how it is becoming more and more mature, working on itself, shaping future plans and goals, experiencing the first true love. Despite so many difficulties, she does not lose hope and still believes in the inner well-being of man.

War is always statistics – so many wounded, so many dead. Certificates such as “Anne Frank’s Diary” make you aware of something that moves deeply – everyone who dies is not a statistical number. He is a man, a human being who had a family, his life, plans, dreams; plans and dreams that he will never achieve again. Such testimonies should teach how evil the war is. It is a pity that people have such a short memory. Anna perfectly shows the human psyche; her notes show the drama of the situation in which the stigmatized Jews found themselves. Extreme conditions of existence, uncertainty of tomorrow, this causes aggression and misunderstanding in these people. Anyway, there is nothing to wonder about their frustration and feeling of danger.

Anna Frank is a symbol of the unrelenting deaths that were millions during World War II. Deaths of young people, often even children who had plans and dreams, and who were not able to do them. As for me, this is a book that is not subject to any assessment. A book that young people should reach for realizing the unimaginable cataclysm of those bad times. After all, anybody could be Anna.

Next novel, is a little more controversial, telling us of the adventures of living a 30-year-old single woman. This novel is nothing but the “Bridget Jones Diary” written by Helen Fielding. The journalist received a proposal from the British daily newspaper “The Independent” to write a column in which she would describe the life of a thirty-year-old single in London, which she wrote about herself. She would write and invent a fictitious thirty-year-old who runs a somewhat infantile diary and began to describe her hero’s more or less missed dates, her constant struggle with addictions and unnecessary kilograms, as well as professional ups and downs, which was Bridget Jones. neighborhood, which is difficult not to like despite the many weaknesses.

After twenty years, the “Bridget Jones Diary” is consider as light and quick to read, with simple language and situational humor prevailing. There is also a lot of accurate social observations. It would seem to be a simple book with no bottom. Meanwhile, it’s hard to refuse to Fielding brilliance and erudition, which are manifested in the least anticipated moments and cause that we are dealing with silly literary fun. Helen Fielding has reached millions of women in the world because this novel has vented from the balloon of cultural expectations for women. In a warm and humorous way, she showed that women do not have to be perfect to pursue their dreams. They can fight overweight, have weaker days, look worse, wear clothes from chains, and spend free nights sitting in pajamas in front of the TV. The main character, Bridget, is like that. She cannot cook, she drinks too much, smokes and she eat a lot of sweets. She is nervous, and sometimes socially awkward. The sense of humor Bridget Jones shows is also not particularly sophisticated. At the other hand, it shows women that life is what it is, that there is no point of worrying. The book shows the world of today’s women, not one, but thousands of them.

Last but not least is the novel that should be included in the contemporary canyon of reading is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” written by Capote Truman. This is a bittersweet tale of loneliness in a big city, about trying to fit in and create yourself that has no chance for a happy end. At least not what we would have expected. The closer to the last page, the more this bitterness begins to prevail, and even the subtle element of sadness and melancholy begins to break through. As it happens in the prose of Capote – it is a story about young people entangled in the city and in their dreams, which they still cannot achieve.

Holly’s story is also a story about a girl who, still dreaming about stability, about her family, about great love, but did everything possible to escape from those dreams and values. As if her character would not let her stop, settle in one place. Holly still compares herself to a wild animal that does not belong to anyone and does not have a specific home. She is only alone and even if it hurts her, even if she still puts on her mask and is not happy at all, she continues this way of life because she just cannot do otherwise. And he cannot let anyone else teach her. People are happy to surrender to the fate of the journey, they follow the trail marked out by the stars, get to know, learn, fall in love, establish their own home. Home, or the ultimate anchor, a refuge, an oasis of peace and security. Unfortunately, not all is given this certainty. Not everyone can take root, create themselves anew. Anxious souls, stray, unable to find a place, always on the run, eternally on suitcases – sometimes happy, sometimes only seemingly happy. Inconspicuous and unpopular.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” shows us a picture of a woman who is definitely not desperate. In itself is fullness and does not need a man who would have to fill her gaps. Holly knows that a bit of distance to the entire world, allows her to maintain a sense of self-worth. She does not live according to the imposed standards, because she has her own. It is she, who sets the rules of the game. Holly is confident despite the fact that she is not a classic beauty at all.

By modifying the reading canyon to a more contemporary and captivating account of young readers, teaching council not only encourage them to read, but also deepen their knowledge. That helps them to understand the problems of the modern world, the world in which they live and function on a daily basis. These books also help students understand that the problems they face do not happen to them alone. This teach them to understand the most important values, emotions and points of view. If the university is not ready for such radical changes in the titles of obligatory books, it is enough to change a few old titles with more contemporary ones. People who reach for books can improve many aspects of their lives: business, relationships, seduction, pedagogy, psychology and many, many more. Reading makes a person even more intelligent. It broadens its horizons thanks to which it can look from the same perspective on the same matter.

Delving into literature, young people get to know many different personality patterns and relationships between them. On their basis, they can formulate their views or behaviors in real life. Therefore, the teaching council should consider today’s youth and their views. This should result in radical changes to the canyon of reading, which will help the young to understand today’s world.


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