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What Brought Me to College

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Why College? Well that was my main goal since I took my first breath in this precious world. A College Education is essential in one’s life, without it you couldn’t possibly live the life you really dreamed of having. Having a college education will surely benefit you in the long process and that’s what I wanted. College will always prepare you for the career you always wanted to have. I had many doubts in my childhood but that didn’t stop me from fulfilling my goal.

Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to become in life or if I really wanted to go to college and that was until the summer of my rising Junior Year. My mom would always taunt me at the fact that my day was quite repetitive from going to the gym then to soccer and coming back home late, she wanted me to try something new and volunteer at a local shelter or a nursing home. I knew there was no harm in going so I decided to give it a try. From the first to the last hour I was amazed in how the effects of my visit would change so many people there. I nurtured them in any possible way from talking one to one or helping the doctor check their blood test. As I went home that day I knew what I wanted to do. I knew then and there I will try my fullest potential to have one of the best educations out there.

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This event benchmarked my decision of majoring in Biology and wanting to become a Doctor. I knew attending a university would be expensive and I didn’t want my parents to put all their life-savings towards me. They were the reason I am what I am to this day. My parents have sacrificed a lot for me and my sister, they wanted us to have a better life then they could ever have imagined to have. They always wanted what’s best for us no matter the risk and I thank them by not taking anything for granted when it comes to anything. They were a huge impact in helping me find colleges with the credentials I wanted. With their help, I got into one of the best universities in New York City called Pace University but with a large cost. I had helped them in giving them the option for me not dorming and commuting every single day to this University. I made them a promise that I will put my sweat and tears in everything I do when I come to this school and not take anything for granted.

My high school years will be nothing compared to these four years of college as there is a way new game style. In my opinion College is a “tabula rasa”, meaning I will have a fresh clean start, you can possibly be anything you want. I want to be a better person then I was in high school and I know that in a couple of years I won’t be the same person I was while I was writing this Essay. I knew Pace University will be a challenging new place that I need to conquer in life but I had no doubt in making this place my new home.


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