What Causes Climate Change and Ecosystems Shifting

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Climate change is leading to shifting ecosystems which are affecting animals, habitats, food chain, and our global system. Shifting ecosystems can lead to loss of animals because of loss of habitats, which may affect us with food and the food chain for other animals. Our global system would be our water supply, increased weather, loss of good air, so food and water would go scarce.

What causes climate change? The greenhouse effect is huge in our environment. When we put too much carbon dioxide, methane gases, and we use too much fossil fuels. When we do that it adds to many gases to the greenhouse effect which then lets too much heat in. When it does that poles will melt and animals will lose habitats. When we use too much fossil fuels its a waste and takes forever to get back. So when we make the greenhouse effect to much we are ruining our Earth by ourselves. We also cause climate change by using cars too much, burning fossils fuels too much and too often,

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It affects us because higher/and or colder temperatures can lead to loss of crops which means less food. Less food means starvations and fighting for food. Extreme weather affecting roads, rail lines, airports, port facilities, and military bases, overfishing, and pollution, to alter marine-based food production and harm fishing communities. Which means bad for our economy because that’s one less thing for us to sell which is bad for our economy. For people who farm or fish that could be bad because that’s also less money and no jobs. The extreme change in the weather can also affect us. An article I was reading said “weather and climate affect the survival, distribution, and behavior of mosquitoes, ticks, and rodents that carry diseases like West Nile virus or Lyme disease. “ Which means that climate change could give us deadly diseases that can also spread and affect us all. Diseases and bacteria can get into our water and food source which will affect us directly. Poverty will leave some more people exposed to diseases because they will not have the best medical care, living situations, and health. Which makes them easier to get sick very quick and easy. Extreme weather will affect us just as bad. Dangerous storms and weather will ruin us. For people who live on the coast, they will get tsunamis, hurricanes, and lots of rain. For people who live inland, they could get earthquakes (so could people anywhere), more snow, and a great swing in temperatures(so could anywhere else). For anyone that lives up towards the pole, it could get hotter because it could get warmer instead of colder. For people who live near the equator, it will definitely get hotter.

Climate change will ruin our world. Climate change makes water, food, and shelter go away quick. Then that affects animals because they will start fighting for their survival, slowly dying, then they become extinct. That, in the end, affects us because most of our food is from animals and so are some clothes. We all share our ecosystems with animals so most likely things would go haywire if they were gone.

Plants have very specific climate needs. Crops like corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers need warm weather to grow. If they do not have the warm weather they need they cannot survive and thrive. If our crops get ruined that means fewer crops, none/little jobs, less money for our economy, and then lots of people ending up needing help because of no money and food. But plants such as lily of the valley, winter berries, and pansies can survive winters so long as they are not too harsh.

Animals have climate needs too. Some animals migrate but when the weather and climate have changed it puts them off. They will go to a different location which can lead to overpopulation. Instead of migrating some animals hibernate. Before they hibernate, they collect food, fatten up, and get ready for winter. But if they do that and there's no winter or not like there usually is, it puts them off. They will get confused and it will mess up their dependence on it. Then they may leave their den or birth babies too early.

We can do things to slow down and eventually stop climate change. Ride bikes, share cars, do not leave cars on while you’re not in it. Easier things are eating organic, buy local, and recycle more often. All these small things can lead to huge changes in our environment.  

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