The Characteristics that the Child Care Provider Needs to Provide

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First let’s remember what is already obvious: anyone involved in child care such as kangaroos, nannies and / or au pairs should like to work with children. However, there are many more factors that parents should consider when looking for the ideal caregiver for their children. A child caregiver is the number 1 assistant to the parents, so remember this concept to define the basic qualifications that the person who will take care of your children must fulfill.

The number 1 assistant of parents

I want to play: Parents always like the person who cares for their children to have imagination and be creative in regards to games, activities and crafts. They usually do not see well if the caregiver sits the children for hours in front of the television. Just the opposite, they will appreciate that the babysitter entertains the children with fun activities and in a healthy environment.

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Active / a: Children always have a lot of energy. It is therefore important that the child caregiver be up to par and be prepared for what the day or night offers.

Responsable: A trusted child caregiver is the dream of every parent. Parents always look for someone they can trust and who can responsibly care for children. Take your time before deciding hastily.

Experience: taking care of children is not as easy as you think. It involves preparation, confidence and development of skills. Different experiences with children will always help you to strengthen the skills you have. Parents always look for someone who can put themselves in their shoes to decide how to act in unexpected situations, someone who knows how to be firm when the child is disappointed or harmed and knows how to argue and reach agreements regarding the use of Of toys. Having already experienced situations with children makes you learn to make the best decisions. To get started in the world of child care, we recommend that you start by applying for jobs as a babysitter, babysitter or assistant teacher in your area.

Flexible: parents also appreciate that the caregiver is an adaptable person. This adaptability means being flexible in terms of schedules, just in terms of hourly rates and being willing to collaborate when parents can not return home earlier than expected. Of course, it is understandable that you do not want them to abuse your free time but it is also true that you must understand that unforeseen events may arise. Be flexible and you will see that the family will appreciate it. However, make sure also that you are not being paid less than you should.

Professor: partly tutor, infant caregivers should educate constructively and act as role models. By helping children with their homework, you are showing that you care about their evolution in school and worrying about the children’s issues with their friends and schoolmates, you are also empathizing with them and showing that you are interested in knowing how they are doing. .

Sensible: People who work with children demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of children and put them before their own needs. As a child caregiver, you should be willing to do the activities that the child wants to do even though at that moment you prefer to do something completely different.

Fiable: be a person of trust is surely one of the most important characteristics that must fulfill a child carer. In general, parents expect the babysitter or nanny to follow the rules of the house, ensure the safety of the children and pay attention instead of sending messages to friends or inviting the couple to the house. This is not the right time to socialize.

Page: there is no doubt that a caregiver must always be punctual. Be sure to inform the family in case you are arriving late and notify them in advance if you can not work regularly. If you are compliant with the schedule and flexible with the last minute changes, the family will see that you are willing to give your best and that you are willing to help.

Peient: patience is a very important virtue that all child minders should always have. Just as children must learn to be patient and wait their turn to throw themselves down the slide, child caregivers must also exercise their patience with children. It is important that every babysitter or babysitter reminds children that they should do their homework, but at the same time should give them space and time to do so. Be patient and continue to kindly remind them what to do if necessary.

Con authority: taking care of children is not always synonymous with fun and games. If parents have left specific instructions (without watching television, washing their teeth before going to bed, eating at least 5 tablespoons of vegetables before leaving the table), the babysitter should make sure these rules and instructions are followed. . You should be kind and affectionate with the children but it is also important that they know who is in charge while the parents are away. It is important that you talk with parents about discipline at home and how to act when children misbehave.

I like NTERESTS: although not a requirement, the fact that child carer share similar interests with children makes you to enjoy more of work and everyone is happy. It is important that you always add your interests and abilities in your profile as a caregiver.

H abilidoso: a caregiver of children should have certain qualifications such as the first aid certificate. It is possible that some families request it as a mandatory requirement and others value it as a positive factor when hiring someone. You can always also consult the first aid courses atthe Red Cross.

Tips to choose your babysitter or babysitter

After you have determined what are the basic requirements that your babysitter must meet and after having conducted several interviews, make a selection of potential candidates using this list that includes from the experience that the babysitter should have to the basic qualifications that you require for the job.

Request references (and more)

One of the basic steps when looking for your ideal babysitter is the request for references.

Keep in mind the references

When you find yourself at the time of your babysitter’s search, it is important that you also value the conversations you have had with the families for whom the candidate has already worked. Are the families for whom your possible kangaroo has worked similar to yours? Do they have children of similar ages? Did the child caregiver have tasks similar to those you require of your potential kangaroo, such as bathing, preparing meals, helping with homework, etc.? As in any other job, the experience that the candidate has had in the past is always useful and will probably facilitate the transition to the new job if the tasks are similar to the previous ones.

Review the interview questions

It is important that you consider all the answers that you liked the most to the questions that are most important to you and your family. We all have standard and common questions regarding availability, experience, age, etc. However, each family also has its specific needs that can always be different from those of other families. Ask yourself what your family really needs. Do you need your babysitter to take and pick up the children from the extracurricular activities? Review the answers that the candidates have given you about their work experiences, punctuality and first aid knowledge. Do you need someone to take care of meals in your absence? Select what your priorities are and what you really need from your babysitter.

Surely many people will conduct excellent interviews but the person you will hire will be the one you really think is the most appropriate for your children. You will know exactly who is the most suitable babysitter when he talks about how he distracts the children preparing cookies so that they overcome the bad swallow that the parents are not at home at that moment or about what is good when he plays soccer with the children takes care.

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