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The Qualities That Define a True Identity of Hero

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What Defines A Hero? “Of course, the loss of my legs has changed me. But it doesn’t define me or the rest of my life. I didn’t do anything special, but if the progress I have made motivates another wounded veteran to keep going, then that’s great” (Gale Fiege). In other words, heroes don’t give up on their first attempt. Heroes have determined mindsets that motivate them to keep battling a challenge that they have been called upon. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, “ A hero is one who shows courage. ” Therefore, a hero is someone who has the strength to face a challenge. They complete their challenge without boasting about it in order to get fame or glory. Although some people may view their hero as a celebrity or a fictional character, a true hero is an ordinary person who displays the heroic traits of determination and selflessness in their daily routine. There are many qualities that a hero possess.

One attribute that a hero portrays is showing the action of selflessness. Someone who is selfless does heroic acts, not because they want fame or glory, but because they are concerned about the necessities of others. For example, when a doctor prescribes medicine or performs surgery on a patient, a true hero is being shown because they are saving lives. According to the article Cesar Chavez and Workers Rights, “ [Cesar Chavez] was a leading voice for migrant farm workers. He wanted to improve the situation, so in the 1950’s, he started organizing agricultural workers into a labor union that would demand higher pay and better working conditions for their employers. ” Heroes resembling Cesar Chavez don’t perceive the fact that what they are accomplishing is heroic. This makes a hero’s acts more heroic because they are completely involved in assisting others. To put it another way, a hero has to be a person who is concerned with the necessities of others, not a person seeking personal benefits or gain.

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Another significant attribute that a hero possesses is determination. A hero is someone who has the strength to complete the task that been called upon them. Even though something might interfere or set-back a hero from completing their task, this doesn’t stop them from reaching their goal. Louie is a character in the book Unbroken. He demonstrates the trait of determination when he is in the state of survival. For example, Laura Hillenburg writes, “He swam for the rafts the current and wind carried the rafts faster than he could swim.

Then he saw a cord trailing behind the raft. He snatched it, reeled the raft to him, and climbed aboard. ”(103) For these reasons, Louie is shown to be determined because he fights through the setbacks that stop him from completing his given tasks. Louie acknowledges the importance of him striving to complete his tasks and the effects that they take on others. Thus, during the raft situation, Louie demonstrated his heroic trait of determination. I can conclude this because Louie didn’t give up after he couldn’t get ahold of the rafts on the first try, he had a determined mindset which motivated him to get the rafts in another way. Compared to his other friends on the raft, Louie is the one who has the most drive and strength to survive through all the challenges that might get in his way.


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