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Listing All the Things I Want to Do before I Die

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My Bucket List

  • To travel down South on a romantic get-a-way
  • To travel to another country
  • To travel to Australia
  • To perfect a British accent
  • To see Toronto win the Stanley Cup
  • To get over my fear of swimming with fish
  • To get over my fear of giving birth
  • To have children
  • To attend Saint Mary’s University after graduating high school.
  • To become a high school teacher
  • To beat Justin, my boyfriend’s English mark of a 96
  • To learn how to dance
  • To become a fast reader
  • To cut my hair for Cancer
  • To raise 1000 dollars for a needing cause
  • To be able to sing strongly in a falsetto voice
  • To get better at playing piano
  • To learn how to play bar chords on guitar
  • To go to the states to shop
  • To go to a café in New York City
  • To go to Las Vegas on my 21st birthday
  • To try synchronized swimming
  • To do something super courageous in a random place
  • To go to an Olive Garden
  • To go to cooking classes
  • To be in a flash mob for singing and dancing
  • To attend a Jerry Springer show live
  • To attend a Maury show live
  • To be trapped in a mall overnight
  • To get a tattoo
  • To use a Ouija board
  • To try tea from David’s Tea
  • To have a daily work-out routine
  • To trick a class I teach into believing I have a British accent my first day on the job
  • To become a vegan and eat organic food only
  • To be in a musical
  • To get braces again and fix my teeth
  • To bake a cake with fondant for an event
  • To find an identical twin of myself
  • To try authentic food
  • To write a novel
  • To hug a koala bear
  • To get a real tan
  • To walk down the middle of a highway in the middle of the night
  • To be in two places at once
  • Own a house with 3 of my friends
  • To be very organized
  • To have a professionally designed house
  • To have an all-white bedroom
  • To have a pool
  • To have a 50th wedding anniversary

My Bucket List

A bucket list, a list of experience’s you would like to endure before you “kick the bucket.” It is scary to think that there are limitations on how long you have to complete everything you dream of in one lifetime. There are many things in life that people want to do before their time is up. Some people have one million things on their list, others have five. So far my bucket list has fifty two things I would like to do before I die, but only few are extraordinarily important to me and they are cutting my hair for cancer, writing a book, and partaking in a flash mob.

Cancer is an extremely hard thing to go through for numerous reasons. Chemo therapy can damage the patient’s skin and hair follicles which leads to hair loss. My grandmother’s best friend, or as I like to call, my aunt, Helen, has thankfully survived stage four breast Cancer, twice. She had lost all of her hair throughout Chemo therapy and now has to wear a wig. She, being single at age sixty and having no real hair is hard. She felt unconfident in her look and came to the point where she had started to attend her regular everyday activities less and less. Her sickness then had caused her to become unemployed. Living alone with little family around can be lonely, so she’s been looking for a steady relationship for the past couple of years. Going through cancer can be very depressing and difficult by itself but not feeling beautiful and being lonely does not help. One way I know I can help is by donating ten inches or more of my hair. This would make me feel so delighted to know that I helped someone happy and to feel more beautiful, that way they can enjoy life more. Throughout the next two years I plan to continue to grow my hair even longer so I help as many people as I can.

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As a young adolescence, it seemed as though I had always had a hard time fitting in. From sixth grade to the middle of ninth grade I was bullied for a number of different reasons. It got to the point where I did not want to go to school anymore, or even communicate with anyone else from school. Throughout those years I decided to keep all my feelings in a diary. That diary probably describes how every teenage girl feels at some point or another. Ellen Hopkins is my favourite author. She writes about real life struggles people have like drugs, alcohol and teen pregnancies. Although my bullying was not to that extent, her books have inspired me that I could take everything that I had gone through in that period of time and turn it into a book. Throughout the next 10 years, I wish to complete this. This book will help let young teens that they are not alone and the best way to get out of it is to ignore what others say because they’re just jealous. There are many cases of bullying that are much more extreme than mine ever were, but no bullying is right no matter how heavy it is. Bullying is bullying. Knowing that I could help someone by sharing my stories would be impeccable. Writing a book may be difficult, but in some cases, such as mine, I do believe it’s worth a try.

Music has been a major part of my life since I was a little girl. I cannot go five minutes without humming a tune. I can honestly say I have never met a single person who does not like music. And who doesn’t love a good surprise here and then? Why not combine the two into a flash mob. A flash mob is when a group of people gather at a public place and perform a choreographed performance, whether it be singing or dancing. No one besides those involved know about it and when it’s not their turn to join in yet, they act just as surprised as those who really don’t know. They usually start with one person, and then have a gradual build-up of people. I can sing, but I may not be the best dancer. That’s not to say I cannot learn. Flash mobs are a world-wide trend, and very hard to accomplish. It takes all the right moves, timing, placement and confidence. Seeing the surprise on people’s faces would make anybody’s day. During university would be the best time and place for a flash mob; it would not be too hard to find people to volunteer for it and would really get school spirit intact.

Completely my bucket list would be a dream goal of mine, although I do not believe that all of it will happen. I may change my opinion about certain things or maybe never even have the chance. There is one question I do have though. If the purpose of a bucket list is to help keep you on a path so that you accomplish things and allow you to get the most out of life, will having a list of one-time experiences really give you results? What makes someone the happiest is something you will have with you forever, like family, friends, and love. Some say memories last forever, but they do fade, as well as the feelings you had undergone during them. One-time experiences can be wonderful in the moment, but is it the long lasting experiences that tend to really keep you happy.


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