The Research Study on Juvenile Sex Trafficking


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Juvenile sex trafficking is a gruesome practice of enslavement and abuse that affects millions of young individuals all over the world each year. Research is being conducted to display the importance of being aware of possible risks and consequences and the generally inform the public about a dangerous issue in the world. Future research will be very valuable by allowing the community and society to remain notified of a serious danger people are faced with every day. Juvenile human sex trafficking uses force, coercion, and fraud to lure victims and force them into commercial sexual exploitation. It is a modern-day form of slavery involving the illegal trade of millions.

Statement of the Problem

The issue is being addressed because it is the inhumane forced commercial exploitation of juvenile children; not to mention they are kidnapped from their communities. Research is needed for possible future preventions of human sex trafficking. Specific questions that have limited research would be if the trafficking is family-facilitated and what are trafficker motives. Investigation under the category of family-facilitated trafficking is “practically nonexistent” (Reid, Huard & Haskell, 2015); which could pose a threat to all households. This study is for minors to stay cautious of who they surround themselves with and their neighboring surroundings.

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Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to acknowledge the peril of juvenile sex trafficking through the facilitation of menacing manipulative adults.

Research Question/Hypothesis

For the purpose of this study, the following questions were addressed:

What are the motivations of recruiters when abducting children for juvenile commercial exploitation, knowing the consequences?

Based on the growing industry, could the sex trafficking recruiter be someone the victim has a personal relationship with?

As part of this study, investigation included research hypothesizes:

A commercial exploitation recruiter could have many motives to continue work in that industry, statistically “money and control” are the top motives (Sigona, 2013). Sex trafficking is a billion-dollar industry growing at an exponential rate. The industry is a faster growing industry than drug trades. The control recruiters have created a yearn to want to continue to have the power of deception, collusion, and imprisonment over victims.

Statistics show “forty-six percent” of recruiters and victims have a previous relationship before trafficking (Sigona, 2013). Sex traffickers who profit from the sexual exploitation of minors may be strangers, boyfriends, girlfriends, employers, drug dealers, family members, or other trusted adults.



The population being considered in this research of juvenile sex trafficking is male and female minors being forced into commercial sexual exploitation. The minors that are abducted into this industry come from all over the world and many times shipped overseas for profit. The snowball sampling method is used when estimating the amount of lured minors into exploitation. It is a technique where existing study subjects recruit future subjects from among their acquaintances. In snowball sampling, “known trafficking victims are contacted to identify new victims, who are then asked to identify yet more victims, and so on, causing the number of data points to ‘snowball’” (Grave & Kaplan, 2012). There is not a specific element of characteristics for these victims. Juvenile sex trafficking is not limited to sex or race, any minor can be a victim to this crime, fifty percent of all traffickers are minors.

Research Design

During this case study, a detailed analysis of juvenile sex trafficking derives results from notable statistical values and authors. Data is collected through a process of recorded research that details consideration of development of the industry and understands the subjects are forced to participate. The theoretical human rights model implies the traffickers are sentenced to imprisonment, while the juvenile trafficked persons are “entitled to human rights in the destination State, despite the fact that they are illegal migrants” (Yuko, 2009). The human rights model emphasizes the fact that the juvenile trafficked persons are victims that have a lack of control on behalf of the illegal actions that took place. Results conclude that the main focus is the juvenile trafficked individual’s human rights for justice to be recognized and protected.


Discuss how the instrument(s) will measure the study’s independent and dependent variables. Each instrument should be discussed below in more detail under separate subheadings. The instruments that are used in the study are solely statistical values. The statistical values measure the dependent values of the quantitative measure of levels juvenile sex trafficking is available in various countries and the independent values non-specific characteristics needed for trafficking.

Statistical Values Statistics is the science of collecting, analyzing and making inferences from data. Statistics are very accurate and a reliable way to validate claims. In this study statistical values are used to identify specific trends. The trends display a general level of data for the criminal industry under any aspect.


Significance of the Study Sex-trafficking is on the rise worldwide with youths literally being snatched from their neighborhoods and forced into a lifestyle of sexual servitude. The effects of research could allow someone to identify a sex trafficking situation or victim and prevent the up rise of the industry as a whole. Awareness of the crime of human trafficking is the first step to eradicating modern slavery. The validity of this study should allow for future researchers to be more cautious. Basically every country in the world today is affected by trafficking for sexual exploitation or forced labor. If a person has had to experience human trafficking, they have known a life worse than death itself. The conditions those are forced to live in the brothels are thoroughly atrocious. Victims of human trafficking have absolutely “no freedoms and experience horrors such as abuse, violence, deprivation, and torture” . These kind of conditions often lead to trauma. With that in mind, it can be understandable how these people would feel the urge to escape, yet do not because of the threats they have been imposed with.

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