The Role and Technical Specifics of the Surgery Technician

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Surgery Technician also known as scrub, operating room technician and surgical assistant, assist doctors and nurses in surgery. The scrub is also responsible for preparing and arranging the sterilized equipment. A Surgery Technician has a key role in the operating room and is many times the last person the patient sees and the first person the patient sees in recovery. Surgery Techs also talk to family members to keep them informed, a very important part to the surgical staff. It is expected that the job growth for this field is at 19% from 2010- 2020. (Association of Surgical Technologists, 2013) I will discuss how to become a technician, the salary you make, work environment as well as technology old and new in this field.

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Job Description

The job of being a Surgery Technician consists of many duties. First of these many duties is assisting the surgical staff. Ensuring the operating room is safe, clean and sterile. Surgery Technicians also ensure equipment operates properly as well as having knowledge of anatomy, surgical procedures and instruments which the doctors will use aligning and handing the proper tools, removing waste that needs to be removed. You will also be responsible the pre and post-surgery duties to the patient. You could be on call with certain surgical teams and be responsible for the ever changing advances in medicine to ensure faster safer surgeries. (O net Online, 2013) Salary Comparison see Tables I and Tables II


Medical instruments. Some of the earliest forms of technology in medicine were the medical instruments used by surgeons. As a surgery technician you will need to know the uses of these tools because many are in use still to this day. Such tools as saws, scalpels and hammers which have been used for decades and some cases centuries are some of the greatest forms of technology still used today. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013) Staplers which have been used for decades are also vital instruments used on a daily basis in surgeries and are some of the oldest forms of technology. Making sure you have these instruments sterile and ready to go are vital for successful procedures. Electronic gauges and monitors are some of the newer ways to ensure to help procedures which you have to have a knowledge in running and understanding. (O net Online, 2013)

Computers. The more recent advancements in medicine have involved computers. Computers play a huge role today in surgeries, patient identity their sickness the reason for surgery as well as history are at a touch of a fingertip. A surgery tech must be able to monitor computers for vital signs as well as giving updates to the surgical party of how the patient is. Computers also assist as a way of keeping track of medicines given and a faster way of sharing information. Along with computers the use of more powerful tools such as pneumatic drills, suction machines and vacuums to remove debris and break through bones. (Association of Surgical Technologists, 2013)The use of these instruments as well as using the computers to tell you stats and vital signs make it quicker and safer for the surgery tech to help and inform the surgical staff of anything out of the normal that needs to be taken care of immediately.

Robotics. Some of today’s newest advances in medicine and in surgical procedure is the use of robotics. Surgical robots as well as voice operated surgical systems are the newest ways to perform surgery in special cases today. A doctor can be in another room or even another state to perform an operation but the surgical tech must be there to be with the patient monitor vitals and be prepared to act fast in the event something goes wrong. The surgery tech must know the working of the robots as well as use the computers to interact with the doctor who may not be near. (MBA, 2007)


In summary the job of a surgery technician is a career in which you are a part of a surgical team from the beginning, to talking to the patient making them feel comfortable in their most vulnerable time. You are assisting doctors and nurses in operating room procedures using technology from years past to more modern instruments and tools that are being invented every year for faster more reliable ways of helping people. The CST plays an important role in making sure the operation goes smoothly, and the patient is comfortable. It is a very important role in the medical field and an important part of the surgical team.

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