The Key Characteristics of an Emotionally Sensitive Person

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Let me tell you what sensitivity is not. Sensitivity is definitely not being emotionally immature and unstable. Sensitivity is clearly not crying at simple things. Sensitivity is not about being delicately self centred. Sensitivity is not about being overly dependent on others like a child. These are different issues altogether. Let me tell you what sensitivity actually is. Sensitivity is certainly being compassionate. Sensitivity is being gentle in nature. Sensitivity is showing love for animals. Sensitivity is beyond doubt the capacity to deeply fall in love. Sensitivity is having an intuitive mind. Sensitivity means being capable of experiencing intense feelings and emotions, deep relationships, and feelings of compassion and respectability toward oneself and others.

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Sensitivity is a measure of how deeply you can fall in love, how vividly you can dream, how deeply you are moved by arts and music, how strongly you are affected by the slight changes in your environments- both external and internal, physical and non physical, how easily you get surprised and startled by something, how deeply you can experience a poetry, and how closely can you perceive others. Creative people are sensitive people and are very sensitive to beauty. They have a deep sense of appreciation for beauty. They are irresistibly moved by aesthetic experiences. They can easily seize and stay with the heightened emotions. They are highly sensitive to minute changes in the details, patterns, structures and relationships. They are naturally intuitive and can easily take huge mental leaps.

As we discussed in the ‘openness to experience’, one of the main aspects of open-mindedness is being sensitive enough to experience aesthetic chills. A person cannot be creative without being open to experiences and a person cannot be open to experiences without being sensitive. So a creative person at the bottom must be a sensitive person. The converse may not be true.

A sensitive person has a greater awareness of himself and his surroundings. Suppose that you are one of those very sensitive people. As a sensitive person imagine that you are walking into a room. As you enter the room, you notice all the things in the room. You notice the chairs, you notice the tables and furniture, you notice the people there, and you notice the photos on the wall. As you walk further into the room, you absorb the information about the temperature of the room, the texture and colour of the clothes, the purity of the air, the colour and brightness of the lightings, cleanliness of the room, the scents and subtle smells of various kinds, you pay close attention to the little sounds and voices in the room.

You notice the design style and how things are arranges in connection to other things. You take notice of the people there.-whether they are sitting or standing what clothes they are wearing, the colour and subtle shades and texture of their clothing. You see their faces and micro expressions in detail. You feel how they are feeling, you know if they are happy or sad, comfortable or uncomfortable. Now you are totally aware of everything in the room. All this happened instantly and subconsciously as you walked in. The room now has become an extended part of you. You just know everything about the room, how and where things are placed, what kind of people are in the room, what they are doing, what they are felling and what they are thinking. All this information is now in dynamic interaction with you and your surroundings.

Now you are tuned into your surroundings to such an extent that even if there is any slight change of any kind-a slight change in the colours, smell, or a slight change in the emotions of others, you will know instantly just like that. Metaphorically speaking, there is also a room within you. It’s your inner surroundings. You can easily tune in with your inner surroundings just like you tuned in with your outer surroundings. Your inner surrounding is a landscape of your emotions, thoughts, feelings, sensations and awareness of your body. Because you’re sensitive, you become instantly aware of your thoughts, feelings and sensations, any kind of uneasiness or discomfort in any part of your body. Now you are so deeply in tune with your inside world and the outside world that you instantly become aware of slight changes of any kind both within and without. This is how a sensitive person, in essence lives every second of his life. Especially, artists, musicians, writers show unusual levels of sensitivity. They are intensely emotion, deeply empathetic, and have soft and delicate side to their personalities.

Quiney jones who produced Michel Jacksons all-time best selling album thriller remembers “he was so shy that he would sit down and sing behind the couch with his back to me while I sat there with my hand over my eyes with the lights off” those who have seen his electrifying performance onstage would never even guess that Michael Jackson was a deeply sensitive person in real life says Scott Barry Kauffman. Many of the most dynamic actors like Nicole Kidman, Hanna Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Diana Keatman, scarlet Johnson, Ellen DE generous, client east wood, David letterman, Harrison ford, and Steve martin have highly sensitive side to their personalities. The hard rock musicians like bob Dylan, Ritchie Blackmore, George Harrison, Kurt Cubain, Marilyn Manson etc. who set the fire to the stage with their performance are known to be very sensitive in their off screen lives.

Have you ever read a poem and felt as if you are transported to a different world? Have you ever felt as if every cell of your body is soaked in the syrup of sweet emotions? Have you ever seen a beautiful scene of nature and lost yourself in the transcendental sublime ecstasy? Have you ever listened to music and felt the gush of emotions flowing through you, filling your heart and mind? Have you ever felt the feeling of pure love overflowing from your heart? Have you ever felt a person so deeply that the tears of happiness rolled down your cheek? Have you ever read a novel and imagined yourself in place of a character experienced his pain, suffering, struggles and victories as if your own?

I know we all have had such experiences one or the other create a poem like that, to compose music like that, a person must be really evoke the deepest emotional response from others, a person must be really really sensitive himself. A creative person must first feel the pain himself, must feel the joy himself, must feel the ecstasy himself, and must first feel the love himself before pouring them into his creations. A creative person knows that he can give only what he has and he can only take someone as far as he has gone is said that a writer must scream at the page, if a reader has to just hear a whisper. A creator must first experience his creations deeply within himself before giving it to others to experience. Only then, it will explode the hearts, touch the souls and blow the minds and have an eternal impact on people.

Sensitive people freely display opposite gender characteristics. It’s found that creative talented woman like women artists and scientists embrace their masculine side and tend to be much more assertive, self-confident, openly aggressive and tough than other woman. Similarly creative men embrace their feminine side and tend to be sensitive, empathetic, gentle, and sensitive to subtle aspects of the environment and less aggression compared to other men. Because creative people embrace both the faces of the coin, their interactions and responses with the world is literally doubled. They can have much richer and variety of experiences by embracing the experiences of opposite sex. Let me conclude this video by saying that sensitive creative people not only have the strengths of their own gender but also those of the other one two.

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