What Does It Mean to Truly Grow Up

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  • Introduction
  • Perspectives on What Does It Mean to Grow Up
  • Becoming Mature as You Grow Up
  • Conclusion


Growing up can mean many different things to people. You could have a different perspective on when to ¨grow up¨ than another person. Personally, I’ve had to grow up faster than most people my age because of past experiences that involved me needing to be mature; such as moving into 2 new schools and moving in with my dad while having a complete change in custody in a matter of 8 months. Maturing is more emotional than it is physical. Being mature means that you can handle situations such as meeting for business and be thoughtful about the situation. Growing Up means being able to make the right decisions and knowing when certain selveschoices are suitable for the situation that you are in. So what does it mean to truly grow up ?

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Perspectives on What Does It Mean to Grow Up

Some people have a different perspective on what it means to grow up. Dale Archer thinks that there is no reason for America to be obsessed with being young and to him it is crazy that our founding fathers would powder their wigs to make themselves look older and more wise and centuries later we are doing the complete opposite. You are able to get away with a lot more when you are older because everyone assumes that you have matured mentally and emotionally along with the physical aspect. Many young people have the wise and mature part of their brain because they were forced to grow up at a very young age because of past-experiences. These teens can have the mentality of a full grown-up but have the physicality of their physical age. If they make a mistake people will think that it is because they are not mature and that they need to ¨grow up¨.

Becoming Mature as You Grow Up

Being mature also means that you understand how to control yourself and learning to accept responsibility for consequences of your actions and not pointing fingers. Also, claiming that everything bad that happens is anyone else’s fault but your own can show that you are immature. Maturity is a process that’s influenced by various factors such as our upbringing, cultural background, and education. The modern education system doesn’t typically prepare us for “adult-hood” by getting us to know the real world and how things really work. Most of us have to learn the ropes on our own. Also, most of us aren’t taught how to go through life because most of our parents/families don’t teach us this so we are expected to learn it on our own.


Growing up is hard for everyone but it can be harder for some people than it is for others. Everyone will mature in life but no matter how old you are you can still have a mentality of a younger age than their physical age. Your mental age is dependant on how you grew up and what you have gone through during your lifespan. The things that you go through can have an impact on your attitude about life and how you handle serious situations and it can also affect mental health. 

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