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The Importance of Having Own Definition of Self-Respect

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To have self-respect means having pride and confidence within oneself. Self-respect is related to many things such as love and happiness. A lack of self-respect can result in problems like depression or with a relationship. Developing self-respect can be a big struggle among people in society. Although, self-respect is seen mostly as a beautiful thing, others can take it the wrong way.

My definition of having self-respect is the capability of one to love themselves by finding true happiness in putting themselves first and focusing on their physical and mental wellness. You are the only one who can make the change to believe in themselves. Self-respect plays a great role in society by providing a “role model” mostly towards teens through advertising and social media. For example, so many teens admire Kylie Jenner for her looks. Teens are persuaded that they need to look just like the models on television, but what they need is to have confidence with their own body. What’s on the inside of a person is what counts. People look up to others thinking they need to be perfect and famous like them. I believe acquiring self-respect is fully someone’s own responsibility to overcome and learn how to themselves by doing things they love and finding their identity. For people to find their identity, they need to solely focus on themselves, their interests, and their morals.

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Instead of thinking about the things they haven’t done, think about everything they’ve accomplished to this day and how far they’ve come. Confidence is like a mirror, the only reflection they’ll ever get is their self. People coming to love themselves and seeing how not only they, but others have noticed it is one of the best feelings. Feeling good can boost a person’s confidence even more making everyday feel like the best day. Once a person has learned how to love themselves, have self-worth, and have dignity and pride, they can conquer any self-situation. When businesses and social media make advertisements, it gives society a different interpretation about self-love. This makes society believe that to be recognized, they need to alter their physical appearance. Conflict among self-respect can result in depression, anxiety, bad relationships with others and within themselves, becoming overwhelmed and stressed, and being in the wrong state of mind. A person’s past experiences may lead to low self-esteem but, by taking a step forward there are many coping strategies and local help right near them.

Another problem is that people can perceive others who love themselves as selfish. Sometimes when others see something they don’t have, they become jealous and make false accusations. It is very troubling to have self-respect because, as a human, many things get in the way and its so easy to fall back into unhealthy habits. For example, Demi Lovato states “if there’s something about my body that I don’t like, I remind myself that it doesn’t define who I am”. In fact, numerous celebrities struggle with depression or addiction to drugs but portray themselves as happy. Some also write their feelings into songs to help them relive the pain. Based on theoretical definitions, self-respect is focused on dignity, pride, honor, satisfaction, trust, etc. It has come to portray that self-respect is based only on happiness, which is kind of right. Yes, a person’s main goal is to achieve well-being and happiness, but it takes time. “Self-love is not something you get in one day or two days. It’s an ongoing process, and I go through it every day’, says model and actress Khoudia Diop.

Self-respect is defined more of as a word of emotion that is thought to come naturally rather than an action; it’s a process. A process someone of understanding who they are. No one else can make a person respect in themselves. Nothing about self-respect involves any other individual. Although, others may influence a person to learn to respect yourself whether it be from past experiences or not, it’s up to them to make that change. Its up to them to take that action and use it as an opportunity to see how having the confidence within themselves impacts their life. People rely on others to make them happy but that is their choice of choosing someone else’s happiness rather than their own. The beauty of the progress made to having self-respect is astonishing. How one human can become so powerful with a sense of leadership feeling like a new world has started. Becoming so strong that others look up to them instead. Being so confident with yourself, taking that huge weight off their shoulder. Loving themselves makes them have a completely different mindset about life. The sense of honor and success they feel impacts the others around them too.

The definition of self-respect is not “pride and confidence within oneself”, it is a person learning how to become a confident leader for themselves and a stronger person, trying to beat life’s obstacles and being proud of themselves based on whatever the outcome is. Self-respect means having the ability to have pride and confidence within oneself. I believe having self-respect is someone finding their identity and focusing on their physical and mental well-being. Society has many different views on self-respect which can cause conflict to arise. In addition, the conflicts may result in individual illnesses or different understandings between others. The definition of self-respect of having pride, confidence, dignity, and satisfaction within oneself portrays emotions rather than the process it is. “Be the person you wish to show the world” says Cleveland State University journalist, Amanda Mina. It takes a lot of strength and courage to learn to respect in oneself but with the help of others, they can become their own happiness. People think that losing something or someone that used to make them happy is the most painful thing in life, but losing themselves in the process is, and that’s the truth behind self-respect.


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