The Significance of Sociology and My Culture to My Existence

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“Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men or women holding guns than holding hands?” – Ernest Gaines.

I live in Baltimore City, and the violence here is the culture we always have known of. Social interaction in everyday life, population, environment and culture play a big part to me, which makes Sociology. Let’s look into it a little further. When you are exploring social interaction in everyday life you have to discuss the three assets: Emotions, Language, and Humor. Emotions belong to all humans’ beings, but culture guides what triggers emotions and how people display them. The language defines women and men as different types of people reflecting the fact that society attaches greater power as unity. The humor is a part of the culture, people around the world find different situations funny. These three aspects all come back around to social interaction that stems from the construction of reality, which construct the reality we experience.

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In Baltimore City, the population here is an estimated 611,648 with a growth rate of 1.5% in the past year according to the United States census data. Baltimore City is the 4th largest County in Maryland. However, the world population grew slowly as high birth rates were offset by high death rates. This plays into why we have so much crime due to a lot of urbanization low-income families living in the project’s homes, sections 8 that also relates to jail like living or mentality. The crabs in a barrow environment which results in gangster-like violence because their choices are limited, so they don’t follow the standards of what society declares as a good citation. Culture in society feels that a group of people according to the race, color of their skin, religious belief, gender, education standards and family structure. To set aside these groups of people which society places them in certain environment. Society will set the standards in everyday people who are individuals that separate from standards and the ones that meet standards, to the ones who don’t follow them at all. But in Baltimore City it’s predominantly African Americans men and woman. Some Men grew up watching their friends, loved ones go through poverty using or selling drugs, playing other women and not enough fathers and marriages around. A lot of women have single-families, absent fathers, government assists maybe had a baby at a younger age. But all of these things make up their culture in their own way. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t change or learn from it.

So as I think back to the statement that I didn’t answer in the beginning. Sociology means to me is that whatever you are in life we all come from different backgrounds races and social differences. We all have different understandings of culture, but some of us let the culture we grew up in shape, which means we never formally get to our full potential. Also some of us grow and learn from it. Do I think the violence in Baltimore City is going to stop? No. But do I believe the culture is changing in the city? Yes because when we change the communities like housing, job placement, outreach programs, letting the children experience different educational teaches which will in rich their minds to better-living conditions and concepts. This will change the culture, yet “Change is no threat to culture’’- Wade Davis.

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