What Doesn't Destroy Us Makes Us Stronger

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In the beginning, many people do analyze their mistakes. I say this due to the fact that in reality, if you fall you have to pick yourself up and stand strong. In my life, I’ve messed up. I do now not reside on my past; I learn from it. I will describe my lifestyle as a roller coaster; I’ve been through many ups and downs. I’ve seen individuals do errors on their very own and instantly give up. I do not need to look at myself in that role in which I give up and start doubting myself. Similarly, Pain and endurance are steady throughout life; difficulties that we simply need to figure out how to manage. Circumstances that require us to keep our head held high, remain certain and never surrender. It is in these extreme situations we should take a glance and look at the bright side. We need to stop in a world that never pauses. We need to solidify and stand strong in all the tough situations around us.

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At a point in our lives we all deal with everyday struggles; we as humans always find an way to deal with stress; whatever that might be. On the other hand, other people might try to find support and inspiration in other people’s voices. Through the, many people may be motivated. To me when I first glanced at the words, “that which doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger”, my mind instantly winds up creating the phrase “what doesn’t destroy us makes us weaker”. I constantly keep asking myself how on earth what doesn’t destroy me makes me stronger? However, when I stopped and started examining and breaking the words of the quote, they turned out to be extremely motivational words. The quote is indeed very deep and motivational once you scratch away the surface; you will discover another definition and a different view. The quote expresses the fact that, whatever tries to wipe us out, we have to figure out a way to fight through the pain. All the hard circumstances that we overcome will definitely have some benefits that will make us stronger and more tolerant to pain.

Also, for everyone who takes a glance at these 9 words, what they interpret from them will be unique. For me, this quote gives me inspiration and disclosure. The quote shows me that regardless of how hard things are, there will be at least one advantage, regardless of how little it be. In the end, we simply need to continue onwards, figuring out that surrendering and stopping are never options. We need all the support that is given from others to pull us through the hard and rough situations. At last, this is what “that which doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger” means to me.z

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