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What Drives Customers To Buying Cosmetic Products?

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In this generation, everyone is surrounded by mass media. A television at home has become necessary. Children grow up watching television, mobile phones, tablets etc. In order to get information to the public about product, marketers use these modes of mass media to facilitate advertisements. Advertising is known to have a very long lasting effect on customers who view it as advertising has a very broad exposure and reach a wide range of customers. The cosmetic industry has been growing rapidly in the recent years. Advertisements for makeup are to be seen everywhere both online and on streets we walk on. Stand-alone shops are being set up solely for the purpose of makeup and only makeup. For marketers to influence customers into buying cosmetic products, they use their knowledge of demographics to understand what the customers need in that area and how can they attract customers towards their product. Similarly, customers in Pakistan are also being bombarded with many advertisements of cosmetic products. This mode of marketing fuels customers more effectively into buying the product. So what drives customers to buying cosmetic products? The desire to look good and be acceptable in society push customers into buying cosmetic products.

Research Philosophy

A research philosophy is the structure and belief a research is carried by. According to Kuhn (1971), paradigm is a way of knowing social reality constructed by a certain mode of thought or mode of inquiry, which then produces a specific mode of knowledge. It is very important to choose a research philosophy method in order to show all the main points and facts of the research (Kothari,2006). Hussey (1997) also emphasises the importance of understanding the research philosophy to be selected for a study or research by researchers. A research philosophy is a framework or ways of how actions need to be taken in research plan. This research will be rooting to descriptive paradigm. A descriptive paradigm is selected in this research as it has an upper hand to gain and collect information from a wide range of people. A descriptive research is a research done on a concept or a group of people that the researcher already has knowledge about but wants to describe the research findings. This form of research provides an accurate analysis of peoples thought, needs, perceptions and market behaviour relating to the data being collected. This type of research method involves quantitative methods but also involves qualitative methods. Another advantage of this research method is that it collects data and helps find views in its natural state. Rossman and Rollis use the term descriptive to describe some types of qualitative research. Through our research method, we collect the primary data from the cosmetic users in Karachi.

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Data collection methods

In this research, a quantitative approach was taken to collect data from cosmetic user. A quantitative approach is a scientific approach to managerial and economical decision making. Selecting an appropriate approach for data collection is very important in starting up a research. A questionnaire was designed for the users of cosmetics in order for us to gain knowledge and attain data from it. The questionnaire had included Likert’s scale. The questionnaire was given to 200 respondents in the city of Karachi. The questionnaire begins with a preparatory statement that requests the respondents to help in this research by giving out their honest responses. After this follows an appeal for the demographic information and events. The respondents were also told how the questionnaire has to be answered before them answering the survey. The survey was also conducted in various cities around Pakistan. The respondents were informed about the formality of this research and assured that their data will only be used for research purposes. The data collected from the questionnaire was later analysed in SPSS, to analyse the various factors and dependability of the variables.

Data Analysis Techniques

To collect and analyse data is known to be the most sensitive part of the research as data has to be analysed and displayed with utmost care and focus as the research relies upon its findings. This this research, researchers process the collected data through statistical package for social sciences. Descriptive statistics and factor analysis are used to obtain the mean and percentage of each variable. The first step after a questionnaire data is obtained is to analyse the validity of the questionnaire. By testing the validity, it allows the researchers to know how far the measuring instrument measures what the researchers want to measure. If measuring instrument proves to be valid, then the reliability of that instrument has to be tested. Testing the reliability is about how consistent will the measuring instrument be in analysing the same phenomenon and displaying the same results.

There are plenty of questions that arise from a customer’s awareness and perception before deciding on any purchase. A customer has to answer to questions such as what to buy, when to buy, where to buy and how to buy within themselves. This makes the buying process a very complicated process. Buyers, who educate themselves or gain information of the product through one or more sources, have the most information about the brand. In this research, we use advertisements as the basic source to feed information and awareness to the customers of the cosmetic industry. However, the cosmetic users rely a lot on the trial of the product to build their image of the product. It is hard for customers to build a positive or negative image of the product by just viewing an advertisement. In this case, customers will have to try the product at least once in order to build a perception towards the products. For this majority of the cosmetic companies are involving themselves in sales promotions that involve handing over free samples of the product for customer trial, as experience is the main driver for building perception within themselves.

Ethical Issues

Ethics are a set of rules and principles that researchers are meant to follow and live upto during a research. Before going ahead with any research, the researcher must understand the ethics first. Business ethics is all about considering human rights and privacy. Respecting the dignity of people and also taking into account the confidentiality of the resources subject and their personal information related to confidentiality, anonymity and decency. Researchers must pay high attentions to vulnerable research subject in order to avoid any kind of breach in ethical code. When a researcher goes against these values or ethics, the sanctions imposed on the researcher depends on how big the offence is. In proceeding with any research, researcher must firmly hold onto the scientific mind set and use the principles of research ethics in every research they carry forward.


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