The Serge Monast Conspiracy Theories in Project Blue Beam

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Table of Contents

  • Who was Serge Monast?
  • What exactly is Project Blue Beam?
  • Step 1 conspiracy theory:
    Step 2 conspiracy theory:
    Step 3 conspiracy theory:
    Step 4 and final conspiracy theory:
  • Is there any truth in the claims of Mr. Serge Monast?

The end of the World War II saw the increased activities of unidentified flying objects moving at a great speed over the sky, this sparked interest in some scientists and prompted data collection, analysis, and investigations which spanned into years by both the Air force of the USA government and Scientist and journalists who religiously combined pieces of information and evidence as they happened. These sightings were recorded to be about 12,612 in number from 1947 when the first UFO was sighted and reported by Kenneth Arnold, a civilian pilot, and businessman. Nine objects, glowing bright blue-white said to have been flying at the speed of 1700meters per hour in the sky towards Washington’s Mount Rainier. On the basis of these planetary movements and supernatural activities, many launched private and public researches to unravel the mystery behind the unidentified objects and actively investigate the project blue beam that gave much concerns to the people.

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At least two commitments had been set up in this course to give explanations and demystify the flying objects and most of the conclusion were hinged on man-made activities prompted the response at the atmosphere and racked up scientific explanations were propounded for some while a large number of UFO appearance could not be explained by these commitments which left a number of persons dissatisfied.

Who was Serge Monast?

One of the loudest speakers to raise alarm on these activities was the Canadian man, from Quebec, Serge Monast, a Writer and investigative Journalist born in 1945. He was also the founder of International Free Press Agency, where he published most of his work on these themes he is credited to have written over 15 articles, resources materials and books, he gained some measure prominence when he was interviewed on esotericist and ufologist on Richard Glenn’s TV show Ésotérisme Expérimental from 1995 to 1996.

In 1994, after years of studying and researching he came out with four steps-based theories, in which he alleged that the NASA with the help of United Nations was planning to use mind control mechanism to compel people to a new religion in a new world order.

Serge Monast supporter believe he was assassinated by the NASA because he revealed so much of their activities and to finally stop him from continuing his work, the film ‘Conspiracy Theory’ released in 1997 is said to reflect Mel Gibson, a character portrayed by Jerry Fletcher, as Serge Monast.

What exactly is Project Blue Beam?

Project blue beam is the conspiracy theory, carefully documented, after years of research by the gentleman, Serge Monast. The project blue beam is said to be a four-step based operation set up by government in order to gain control of the minds of the people and subsequently introduce them to a new world order and religion using sophisticated equipment which would be projected into the sky and simultaneously aired after it has been fired into the sky, giving the pictorial representation of all the religions and having all images merge as one entirety in the sky thus beguiling the people into believing that their God was speaking to them all in their own languages, thereby introducing the Anti – Christ by so doing.

The steps as documented are:

Step 1 conspiracy theory:

The manufacture of Sophisticated top secret weapons to cause earthquakes round specific, and strategic locations around the world unearthing the various religious artifacts, giving false believe that doctrines were all misconstrued and not understood. This stage is said to have already implemented in 2012, the earth recorded 39 astonishing number of earthquakes with strong magnitudes, which rocked every nook and corners of the bewildering the scientists who had no clear cut explanations to how they happened in the space of two days then the purported discoveries made of a tomb said to have had the skeletal remains of Jesus can only give this theory credibility.

Step 2 conspiracy theory:

He said there would be a conspiracy to make gigantic space show using three-dimensional optical holograms and laser projections to create effects, making the images of Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna to appear in the four different part of the universe and having the images merge as one entity,- the anti-Christ then begins to give explanations discrediting the doctrines and tenets of the different religious group, with evidence.

There has been an increase in the activities of NASA and the projections of beams with massive sightings of holograms all over the world in the skies. We do not know if we need to worry about these events yet.

Step 3 conspiracy theory:

This stage he said would involve the use of waves creating the telephonic program that would assess people’s mind beguiling them that their god was speaking in them. The US is reputed to have started research on telepathy in which there is the analysis of the neural signals, a way of communicating without the vocalizing, this experiment is already implemented, there was a noticeable result in the monkeys limbs were controlled via telepathy. So maybe this claim may not be farfetched after all.

Step 4 and final conspiracy theory:

This final stage as propounded by Serge Monast would involve the use of various technologies which would project in the minds of people that that was already happening invasions by aliens from other planets and that the rapture was about taking place. Disrupting the normal peaceful coexistence on earth leading to a world of chaos and mistrust, these devices would have them have a firm grab on the minds of the world’s populace.

Though this claim cannot be quickly substantiated but there has been mysterious occurrences of sightings and inscriptions on the sky, imagery shadowed on windows, or on babies (I am sure you have come across such posts which went viral of babies born with Bible or Qur’an verses, hours later they were pronounced dead) or major road built long ago (this occurred in Lagos State Nigeria- where one of the roads in Ebutte-Meta built years ago suddenly had Arabic inscriptions and Qur’an verse written on it and it kept increasing as many went there is see and pray then disappeared days after) which has raised concerns in the hearts of many if truly the world is ending soon.

Is there any truth in the claims of Mr. Serge Monast?

NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (Agency responsible for aerospace research, aeronautics, and the civilian space program), can the Agency be seen as hiding secrets and actually making preparation to execute all these claims on the blue beam project as stated by Serge Monast or this is indeed a mirage and a motion picture playing out of the minds of Serge Monast and his fellow theorists? This mind-boggling question can only be answered in parts; we wait patiently for it to unfold.

What will NASA achieve if any of these claims of the blue beam project are true? What could NASA possibly be hiding behind their frequent astronauts’ visits to other planets? What would the New Age Religion do for them? By the way, New Age Religion connotes an eclecticism, a system that that mixes all religious beliefs, from old and new, as one communal belief governing the whole universe as one.

The insistent and constant dismissal of claims of the UFOs, holograms sightings and other suspicious activities going on in NASA, by the government and their inability to demystify publicly the findings and investigations, as well as their body language towards the Serge Monast, disappearance of his two children and his eventual demise in December 5th 1996, under suspicious circumstances we can only keep our fingers crossed and watch things play themselves out and hope that we are not swallowed up should events take a twisted turn in days or years to come.

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