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What Forms Our Greatness as a Person

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Sweetness, modesty, and generosity are the official symbols of the greatness of a person. In whose heart there are respect, love, and harmony towards others, he will certainly behave with gentleness. Even if it takes a little time or expenditures, he will bear it happily. By doing so many conversations in soft words with gentle humor will work.

Keeping the attention of courtesy, doing small tasks for others than expected to do their work, it is a minor matter, but it is the impression of our gentleness on others. It is also a valid symptom of true men, to take the bitter thing of others, to digest the behavior of other people and to introduce goodness on their part, not to let the ego or rancor in their speech or practice. If the mind is taken in order to make its nature, then man can become a non-astray. With the love of this love, all his enemies can be absurd and deceased. Friends can be surrounded in the same way around them. Like petals hovering around the lotus blooming. This accomplishment is not less important for the success of life, but only those who have prepared the God of mind for it.

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There are often unpleasant incidents in life. It is not necessary that always the loving circumstances and friendly behaviors are available. Losses, losses, diseases, bereavement, discord, humiliation, failure, aggression, objection, etc are also going on in the form of happiness and property. It is compulsory to come. Nobody survives these variations. It is the duty of every discriminating to keep this bilateral order in a tolerable environment. Those who are afraid, impatient, impoverished, unimportant, they even wear this weakness as a new calamity and give them pain goes.

On the contrary, courageous and patient people cut hard and hard times on the strength of their courage, and trying to create an atmosphere of hope by cutting down disappointment and creating a workable situation. Being afraid of a bit of thing, being able to say no to being angry and not able to do it, all these are symbols of man’s impotence and atheism.

The heart whose heart is huge, the liver is wide, the view is visionary; he considers the objections and adversities a moment of nature, which remains for a few moments, and laughing at it, simply crosses the sight of neglect, but it is possible only When the God of mind is pleased with our service and be ready to keep yourself in this balanced state. If they become their associates, oppose and leave them, then how long will they feel to be good in nature? Having a good nature, by acquiring a valuable asset of this world, is more than the pleasure of enjoying the rich wealthy.

In order to make the physical life happy and enlightened by the Gods of the mind, we provide the excellence of health, knowledge, and nature. By finding these boons, wealth, happiness, happiness, happiness, contentment, joy, love and cooperation all meet in our worldly life. The doors of success are opened in every direction. In achieving the achievement, advancement, and goal of the heavenly happiness in this life, it is also dependent on the mind. To achieve the virtue of service, we must be striving, but serve whom?


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