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How to maintain a healthy life style?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just a life choice we have to make instead it’s the need of the time. If we want to live a long happy life then it is necessary for us to live a certain way to help achieve this goal. This way of life incorporating healthy habits in us is a healthy life style. Acquiring healthy habits is a matter of discipline and perseverance, the importance of doing this for several months can make you customized and you won’t find it something difficult or out of the ordinary instead it will become a normal part of your life. If it is difficult to bring these changes alone, ask someone close to accompany you and in this way share the results, that is by far the best way to encourage yourself and achieve the goal. If you ask someone, how to maintain a healthy life style? The most probable answer would be to exercise properly and taking care of diet. Well I’ll tell you that maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only depends on exercising and eating balanced food, it also depends upon the habits that strengthen our body to have a full and healthy life.

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In this article we will discuss what is a healthy life, why it is important and last but not the least: ’how to maintain a healthy life style’.

What is a healthy life?

We understand by healthy life all those acts that we carry out daily to contribute to having good health. A healthy life is not achieved from one day to the next, but we have to be constant. You have to have a good planned base of healthy habits that we want to follow. In this way, our body and mind will be acclimated to different rhythms of life. As usual, it is usually more common to find cases in which people have life routines that are little or not healthy. Maybe that's the way it is, because it's easier and more comfortable than doing it correctly (or at least that's the popular belief).

Why a healthy life style is important?

The healthy lifestyles are an effective, free way to prevent many visits to the doctor. In addition to contributing to your personal well-being, you will be contributing to the general population around you. Having a healthy life is not a whim, it is an obligation. If you get carried away by the currents of popular thoughts, false myths or means whose purpose is to sell different products you will end up getting erroneous conclusions. It is best placed in the hands of experts in the field who can tell things as they are. 

9 Keys to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Drink water

Drinking adequate amount of water is very important to achieve good health.

Eat well balanced food

Among the different healthy habits that exist, two of the most influential are physical exercise and nutrition. They will depend on how our body is going to be found. The food we eat will have an influence of practically 80% on our physical condition. The remaining 20% ​​will be given by the physical activity we perform. That is why it is very important to take care of food.

Eat 5 times a day

You have to eat 5 times a day, this will help your body not to create reserves, so we can prevent obesity, the caloric expenditure that is generated with the digestion and metabolization of food every time we eat contributes in maintaining an adequate weight, we control the appetite and avoid compulsive eating when we come to lunch or dinner, if we eat five times a day we will have enough energy, so we will perform more and better throughout the day.

Never miss breakfast

Breakfast is the key to starting your day. Never skip your breakfast.

Exercise regularly

The physical activity will be very related to a healthy lifestyle. The body is built to move. Everything that has to do with sedentary behaviors goes against our human nature. Years and years of evolution have served to forge the human being as a nomadic species and prepared to change their settlement based on the nutritional needs that may arise. Due to the stabilization of the population and the formation of urban nuclei, sedentary lifestyle is increasingly present among people. And not only that, but it is one of the causes that cause more diseases in the body and mind.

Avoid saturated fats and sugars in your food

By reducing the consumption of saturated fats you are giving your body the opportunity not to suffer the risk of suffering from a high level of cholesterol in the blood, which is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Avoid processed food

Processed bakery products are one of the biggest hindrances in achieving a healthy body. A healthy body is epitome of a healthy mind. So, take care of your body in order to take care of your mind.

Avoid Stress

Eliminate the stress of your life is essential to feel good and that your life develops harmoniously, we often live certain situations that we cannot change, however, it is always possible to take it another way, see it from another point of view. It is very important to turn the problems around so that they do not negatively affect our health , an excess of stress leads to chronic fatigue and even depression.

Sleep well

A regular rest schedule can help us a lot to recover from the fatigue of the previous day, a good mattress, an optimal resting environment, light off and little noise will conciliate your sleep hours what should be between 7 to 8 hours.


If you had to choose between living a healthy life or a life that is not healthy, you would probably choose the first one. This is because we all like to feel our best. Many people confuse living a healthy life with being a slave to a diet or exercise routine. To consider it like that is a big mistake. This will make your mind stop and you do not want to start living healthier since you will be afraid to do so. With this in your mind, stop ignoring your body’s needs and start loving yourself and living a healthy lifestyle is the only way to express your love for your body.

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