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The three states that are mentioned are Louisiana, California, and Wyoming which all have very different laws when it comes to abortion. If Roe vs. Wade did get overturned it would make abortions completely illegal in the state of Louisiana, California would not be affected since they have abortion protected under their state constitution and in Wyoming it would be up to the state’s lawmakers to decide if it would protect or overturn abortion like Louisiana.

This source is another unbiased source that is just stating facts to help people understand how a few states would be affected by Roe vs. Wade being overturned. The article was the shortest out of all the sources I used, but I liked how it informed me on how many women in the United States are actually in fear of the court case being overturned. It mentioned that many people have been googling information about the Roe vs. Wade court case and trying to inform themselves in case it gets overturned and these women are unable to get an abortion if they needed one.

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I would not say that this source helped me form my opinion on abortion, but rather just helped me understand which states could be affected if the Supreme Court overruled it. It also brought to my attention the number of women like myself that want to be informed on a topic that could potentially affect them. Out of all my sources this source was my least favorite just because it only focused on a few states and didn’t really help me further my argument.

Now getting into another topic, what would we do if abortion was banned? Like I said, I think that women would still find a way to get one, whether that puts the woman at harm herself or not. This article goes into the world of abortions that are 100 percent banned and illegal but that are still being performed in Latin America countries. The writer goes into how we as Americans should look at what is happening in Latin America because that could soon be our future here if the Roe vs. Wade gets overturned and abortion is made illegal. Even though abortions are illegal in places like Chile, women are still finding ways to get rid of their child by taking drugs that not only kill the baby, but also can kill the woman. There are many more “risk factors” that can happen when abortion is banned that are mentioned in this article such as, women getting wrongfully accused of having an abortion when in reality they just had a miscarriage, and also doctors not following the “doctor patient confidentiality” by turning women in to the authorities if they suspect they came in due to the abortion pills.

I think that this source is helpful, but I do think the writer is coming from the pro-choice side more than pro-life. I can agree with a lot of what the writer has to say when it comes to leaving it up to the woman to decide, but as opposed to other articles this one is more opinionated rather than factual. The goal of this source is to try and make readers see what is going on in other countries and we need to take that into consideration because that could soon be the fate of the United States.

To me, this is one of my favorite articles that I have read because it is from a woman who has witnessed the atrocities that are going on in Latin America because woman is seeking any way to have an abortion since it is completely banned under all circumstances. This article helps my argument because it gives a prime example of how things are being handled in other countries since they have made abortions completely illegal. This article also opened my eyes up to something that I had no clue was happening in other countries that have made abortions illegal.

Abortion is a controversial and widely talked about topic, but this source does a good job of staying on the neutral side. It brings up key points that can help factor someone’s opinion on abortion, including the Roe vs. Wade case that happened in Texas, and public opinion polls that gather how multiple people feel on the issue. The point of the article is simply to help people understand the pros and cons to the topic of abortion. In the article one of the polls that is mentioned is how in 2017 a survey showed that 57% of Americans agree that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, and that 40% disagree that abortion should be illegal in all most cases.

While I do think that abortion should be legal, this source helps me understand how people on the opposing side feel rather than other sources that I have seen that seem to almost force an opinion on you. Another thing that I liked about this particular source was that it also went into the history of abortions and how particular states handle abortions. I think that this information is reliable because it is coming from an unbiased source that is just stating facts.

This source fits into my research because it is a great source to start with just to gather an opinion on the topic of abortion. This source does not necessarily help me shape my argument that abortion should be legal, but it helps me understand the history and how abortion has come to be in today’s society. Overall, this source is a great “starter” source for my topic of abortion.

Continuing the talk of Roe vs. Wade being overturned, this article goes into how public opinion on abortion has not changed much since Roe. Vs Wade was initially ruled in 1973 to give women the right to have an abortion. Although it has not changed, public opinion is different from state to state, but states are majorly sticking to what they have known. In 1975, just two years after the ruling of Roe vs. Wade 54 percent of Americans said that abortion should be legal under certain circumstances, 21 percent said it should always be legal, and 22 saying it should be completely illegal. Now in 2018 there is little change in those percentages with them now being 50 percent, 29 percent, and 18 percent, which just goes to further show that even if President Trump’s new pick for Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, decides to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the people are still going to be against it.

This article is just a factual one at that, providing charts along with percentages to help people understand how majority of people in the United States feel towards abortion. The writer mentions both pro-life and pro-choice sides so its unbiased like the other sources. I think the main goal of the source is that the people of the United States do not want an overturning of Roe vs. Wade.

This source helps my argument that abortions should be legal because it goes into how people do not want the overturning of Roe vs. Wade which would result in many states placing bands on abortions which would make getting one illegal. I do think that if abortions were made illegal women would still find a way to get them which could result in many problems.

This last article that I read is a great article that I feel like ties all of my sources together. It is about a woman who volunteers to go with women to the abortion clinics and stays with them to give them the support that they do not have or simply are too afraid to ask for. The writer who is sharing her personal story goes into how she did not have the support that she continues to give to the young woman who are shamed by society if they choose to get an abortion. The writer goes into a point that we as a society tend to not ask women why they chose to get an abortion but rather just judge them off the bat and accuse them of being a “killer”. We should listen more instead of assuming that woman are wanting to just kill babies left and right when that is seriously not the case.

Just like one of my previous articles I read, this one is from a woman who has first-hand been to the abortion clinics with women who are getting the procedure done, therefore this article has information that I think everyone should read if they have an opinion on abortion. It paints a raw picture of what abortion is actually like rather than the media and government making it out to be some horrible act.

I specifically chose to read this source last because I wanted to be able to form my opinion first, then be able to read what it is actually like from a woman who has experienced an abortion and who goes with woman to help them get through their abortions. I feel like this source helps my argument that abortions should be legal because it is not coming from a source that is just trying to state facts or that is trying to push pro-life onto you. This article like a previous one has to be my favorite read because it is so raw and actually makes you think about the opinions you form for or against abortion. We should not just assume women are horrible people for doing something that they see in their eyes as something that is helping them.

This article goes into how a woman who got pregnant by being raped in her home country is denied an abortion in the U.S. after she illegally came here and was living in government shelter. At the time of this event the woman was underage and illegal, two things that went into play while deciding her fate. The courts denied her the abortion saying that it would not help this issue in the future; the issue of being raped and wanting an abortion.

In this article it mentions how people would go and try and talk to young women that were in similar situations and persuade them on other options rather than the abortion. To me, I think that is invading in one’s freedom to make a choice for themselves. I understand that the woman was here illegally and not a U.S. citizen but that should not change the fact that was she was raped and wanted to terminate the pregnancy. The government seems to try and force pro-life options on everyone but once that child is born and goes into foster care for example, no one seems to care about the child then. The article mentions how if a woman who got an abortion due to rape could go through even more traumatic experiences and it could worsen the woman’s mental health, but who are we to tell someone else that has already been through a lot, that she cannot get an abortion because it could make her go through “even more”. I think it is a pathetic excuse that pro-lifers use to try and make people second guess what they want to do when it comes to an abortion.

This article was infuriating to read to me because of how it seems to be all men that are forcing pro-life options on these young women with no regard for what the women want. This article talked about pro-life more than anything which is the opposite of what I believe in, but it did not change the way I feel towards abortion. If anything, it makes me want to be even more pro-choice just for the simple fact that in the article men are the only ones mentioned who want these women to have “other options”.

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