What Happens When There is a Silence in the Mind?

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Silence has a kind of energy that no other source has. It has the power to make people think and act. It can help calm a hectic mind and it is a powerful ally just as an adviser or coaching could be. Silence not only provides changes at a spiritual level, as we could imagine from meditation practices, but being silent implies neuronal impacts on the brain that radiate throughout the body and modify the entire functioning of the body.

We direct our thoughts and focus on ourselves and gain that energy we need to recharge our minds. Our ego is temporarily deactivated or at least we make it quite a bit and we begin to see the real world as it should be. Many times our thoughts get in the way of our reality and we do not really appreciate the beauty of the world around us. When our mind is silent, we have time for introspection and to allow our true self to speak and not our ego or our conscious mind, but our true self connected to the current of energy that surrounds us.

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How many times have you been overwhelmed thinking about the mistake you made at work, the unnecessary discussion with your partner or the severe punishment you imposed on your child? In this type of situation, “Silent Mind” is an effective method that, applied with discipline, helps people to reassure the mind and to be aware of those unnecessary thoughts that impede leading a life to fullness.

Wherever we proceed from, and whatever our spiritual or thought tradition may be, silence is something vital. This has been scientifically proven, since for many decades the effects of silence in the brain and the organism have been studied, and it has been shown how necessary it is to provide us with spaces free of any sound disturbance.

Inner silence is the mother of all creativity, the source of intuition. It is in the zone of silence that great scientific discoveries were made, pioneering inventions were created, wonderful poems and melodies emerged.

It’s not just to close your mouth. Silence is not about just keeping your mouth shut. It is more about removing the senses from external activities and turning it inwards. A mind that is not involved with any of the five senses leads to a certain amount of inner stillness. This leads to a state of total satisfaction.

When we enter the silence, we experience a form of communication without thoughts. This is when all the questions in one’s mind disappear. The highest intelligence in the interior begins to speak. If only you could be totally silent and eliminate all the noises of the mind, that intelligence will never fail to reveal the best solution, even to the most critical problems.

Get on the tatami For short periods of the day, meditate and remain silent. When you reach that space of silence through meditation, you will always be guided to what needs to be done. Silence enhances one’s inner strength and sharpens the intellect; It keeps us in a happy mental frame and invokes joy.

Now we know that the amount of energy obtained in meditation is much more than in the dream. Twenty minutes of meditation can equal eight hours of good sleep. This formula could easily solve one of the most common problems faced by employees – working all the time and not getting enough sleep.

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