The Impacts on Democracy of the Extraordinary Changes in Information Technology

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Before we start talking about the impact of extraordinary changes of IT on democracy we need to know what we mean by the word democracy itself, democracy is defined as the political freedom and equality between people. Meaning every individual has the right to express their thoughts and believes on the governing system and it allows individuals to have an active role in the development and modifications of the rules and laws they are governed by.

The pace of change over the last 20 years has been remarkably significant due to the massive development in the field of information technology, there are many examples one can mention when talking about the development in the field of computer science related to democracy for example the voting system and the numerous ways of applying rules and regulations that runs masses. From a different perceptive this development also improved various sectors which may have a direct or indirect effect on democracy for example education, communication and data transmission.

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Everything nowadays is computerized which makes it easier for individuals and governments to carry out their different daily processes, today access to information has become very easy compared to previous generations which I think positively affects the democratic process. Access to information is unlimited and universal which may have some disadvantages but in a very low scale.

Key Changes on information technology that affects democracy

During these exiting times we are seeing before our eyes the dynamic change in the field information technology which is transforming everything in our life’s, When it comes to democracy it’s no different than any other system that will be affected by technology, there are some key changes in information technology that directly influence the democratic field for example as mentioned above the voting system has completely changed on a global scale it has become more simple and clear to finalize and come with an outcome of a specific race using the help of technology. Government officials are now introducing e-voting which is the use of computers machines instead of paper work to carry out an election it has been used for time now.

The development of the IT field has changed the way news, information and data is broadcasted to all the different sectors of society by the use of computers, tvs, newspapers, etc… Computers and the internet are the most reliable sources nowadays which decreased the use of other sources and has become the main news broadcaster for example all these social media platforms where individuals can exchange information it also has a massive effect on the field of politics and democracy.

Another Basic factor is the modification of a certain democratic system in order for governments to introduce and allow the use of digital currency and electronic voting which as I mentioned above has a significant affect in the process of the elections for example a certain party may use dirty political games in order to get the most amount votes possible but when using the digital currency and bitcoins you can eliminate these types of threats and many other.

Positive Impacts of information technology on democracy and threats

One of the positive impacts of information technology on democracy is that now every citizen’s voice is heard, meaning that it’s easier for citizens to express the issues that directly affects them or even just sharing a certain idea and suggestion to their government, when you think how it was 20 years ago you can’t share your beliefs without

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