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In any type of a game there are rules that you need to follow in order to win the match or any kind of a game but there are fouls that should be there and we are going to talk specifically about volleyball so when introducing volleyball there are like rules if you didn’t follow you are going to make a foul so these rules are first of all when shooting or making the serve you need to be behind the line until finishing the serve and the second thing is that the ball should be served overhand or underhand and the third if he did something from these he is going to give the other team a foul ball and there are another fouls that’s name are assist hit and double contact and catch and reaching beyond the net and illegal attack hits and the ball before starting the serve have to be visible to the other team and there should be 6 players on each team and there are a foul that is when touching the net and also if the ball went outside the court.

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There are some behaviors that must have a consequences to its actions and in volleyball there are red card used for bad behaviors that may happen in the match and the yellow is when the player makes specific wrong mistakes in the match and the yellow card is shown when there is a miss behavior from one in the team in his language and also saying bad words while playing will effect also the player career and peoples point of view about the player or missing with the laws of the game and also when failing to respect the required distance while playing a serve or anything straight and the main part that can cause yellow card is when the player leaves the field without a permission or enters without a permission and red card can be because guilty of violent conduct or guilty of foul play and the really or main thing that can cause a red card is that there is one player from any team spiting on another one and using offensive language and this will cause also a yellow card.

There are some exercises that I can do alone at home that will affect my shooting development and they are first of all going to gym to make my hand strength very powerful and the second thing is going to the court and start on playing volley with myself like imagining there is a team and yourself so you are going to develop some thinking skills and the 3rd thing is running because running would help you in shouting the ball because it build muscles in your leg that will make your jumping skills to shoot the ball more controlled and the 4th thing is making some effort with your hands specifically your figures to be able to shoot the ball as a professional expert in volleyball and the last thing is watching some you tube chandelles about experts in volleyball to develop more skills in volleyball and the 5 things that would help you in shooting the ball but with a help of another person is making your friend play like a small match one on one but he needs to be an expert or someone that is playing with a couch so he could give you information that you need to be able to play well and the second thing is going to a expert or a couch in volleyball to ask him some questions on how to shoot the ball harder and the 3rd thing is challenging your friend in a specific thing each day with your friend on who is going to make the challenge better so that will make you go and look how to make your opponent team lose and the 4th thing is keep on passing the ball with your friend on your hands and with serving and the last thing is going to famous teams and look how they pass and shoot the ball hard.

If I am a team manager, I am going to make the plan of the team in the order of clock each time the other team scores a goal on them they will change their places like the clock movement and that will make a result that I am going to give all the players all their chances in all the possible positions and that will make them in the end get a more organized playing and more goals will be scored.

When Poland and Brazil played the world championship volleyball I saw from the video that Poland won in the end 3-1 but there was strategies that made Poland win the match and I am not saying that brazil is bad not at all these teams met each other 4 times on the world champion volleyball but these teams are the best teams in volleyball but we can say that Poland is the best because we are relation everything on the results so it was a good match and it was a very interesting match that happened and for me I enjoyed watching it while I saw that teams are organized specially Poland and they knew when to attack.

The strategy that Poland played with was organized as it made all the players organized in the court and this affected them in the results as it helped them to overcome brazil and get more chances to score as they were working as one person they worked in a group work they didn’t think about themselves but they were thinking about the whole team and this was the strategy that Poland used although brazil tried to do all of this and it was shown but here we can say that the couch that is controlling the team and teaching them didn’t focus on group working and thinking skills to make the team know how to win in any position so Poland played as I saw from the video that it played with 3 on the front and 2 players in the middle and 1 on the end of the court while brazil played 3 at the back and the front 3 players weren’t organized and that made some of the goals scored at them was because the place was empty so this affected their playing skills and it was shown that they were all old so this effected that they got a lot of experience so they got a lot of skills but they can’t show all their skills in this way of organization.

The video techniques got a big extend that helped me in developing more skills that I am sure that it is going to help me in playing volley and it made me interested more in volleyball and now I got a big idea on how famous players are professional in this sport and I see that with some work I can achieve what I want to be.  

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