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What I Got Through Swimming

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I thought of talking about something which we really do not pay attention in day today life, where something we must train ourselves to; that is swimming. And I swear that taking up swimming was one of the best choices that I have made in my life. Sometimes I have sat beside the pool and have wondered why people are not giving swimming a try. Obviously because most of them don’t know about how swimming can change our lifestyle in to positive.

One must think that swimming is not an important topic to consider or discuss in deep. but, we face so many instances where we need swimming. I hope these words may motivate all readers to think about training themselves to swim and have a big impact on their life through it. It always creates a ‘’ why?’’ in our mind when we think about swimming. Let me say WHY…. Because swimming is indeed one of the best ways for a good workout to our body. It will help you to lose your weight. It can burn up to 900 calories per hour which is a higher burn rate than running or walking. And then, this burning of calories can reduce the risk of getting diabetes and heart disease, lower the blood pressure and as a result you will live longer. It’s amazing how swimming can improve productivity? flow of blood throughout the body will reach your brain and will lead to increase your critical thinking capacity and productivity on difficult tasks. Hopefully swimming increased my flexibility. I think that my body feels years younger than I am which is obviously a bonus for this hectic life.

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And here’s another important fact about swimming……… should you swim during pregnancy? Why not if your doctor approves! Swim fitness during pregnancy is very important. I have heard from many nurses and doctors that women who swim regularly have easier deliveries. Let me share one of my own experience, this happened to me when I was 10 years old. One day my sister and I was walking along the riverbank of our city. Suddenly a group of boys came running along the riverbank and ran very fast pushing me and my sister to a side. We could not control ourselves to stand properly when they pushed us. My sister fell in to the river. All I could do was yelling for help, but no one was there to save my sister. No one came. My sister and I did not know to swim. She lost her life in front of my helpless eyes. Being the elder brother, I was failed to save her life and I can’t forgive myself for it. This was the fact which changed my thinking, led me to learn swimming, made me realize the value of swimming. You will never start to think about swimming so deeply unless you feel so helpless or embarrassed failing to swim or perform your own responsible task or duty like me.


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