What I Learned in Psychology Class and How It Affected Me

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Psychology has affected my behavior, thoughts, and feelings in many ways, I learned about my attitude and others as well. How to respond to other people perception of their feeling and how they look at life and what’s going on around them. People can be very deceiving with their actions, ways, and behaviors. I was taught how humans use their social environment as a source of information, or cues on how to behave. Situational influences on our behavior have important consequences, such as whether we will help a stranger in an emergency or how we would behave in an unfamiliar environment. So, what i learned in psychology class?

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I can apply so much of what was taught to me in my day to day life. The psychological assessments that we took in class better help me understand myself in ways that I never even thought about. I can understand now why my actions as well as others motives behind why we may do the things we do. I don’t have to be so stressed behind why a person is so angry, or looks so mean, or she’s quite I wonder what’s bothering her. Understanding human nature helps me better understand our urges and as well as our sexuality. We must learn to control our emotions and feeling in order to become more civilized human beings. I will be able to apply a lot of my psychology knowledge with my criminal justice degree. Understanding our biases in social perception can help us become more empathic and understanding of others, and ourselves. Social psychology teaches us about biases, that are at the root of prejudice and discrimination. The fundamental attribution error, for example explains why we so often place blame on a person and pay less attention to the situational factors that caused a person to act in a strange way.

Developing excellent research and analytical skills, the ability to be a better communicator and to master the art of conflict resolution are just some of the additional benefits of studying psychology. However, in this class the book knowledge isn’t the only thing you learn. You will also learn how to construct a large range of transferable skills that helps in our career and personal development. Analysis of research and ideas are the biggest part of studying psychology as I must consider each source and theory that I reference and use. I’ve also learned a lot about how to manage my time better. Studying and life experiences can be stressful and hard to juggle at times. But after managing your studies around your work and family commitments for several years, you can bet that you will develop a strong sense of time management. Communication in the classroom, workplace, or in a personal conversation. The ability to logically asses a problem and then produce a solution is a valuable lesson learned and taught. Learning about things such as nonverbal communication and intelligence can help me pay attention to the unspoken cues that allows others to connect with on an emotional level. Becoming a better mother to my son is a goal of mine as well. 

There is no doubt that educating myself about developmental psychology can help me become a better parent as well as a better listener. Learning to listen more is something I did a lot of in class. Listening to those teenagers express themselves help me to better understand where my son is coming from when he’s trying to express himself. Communication in the classroom, workplace, or in a personal conversation is very important, and psychology really help me to understand that.          

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