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With this letter, I would like to express my interest in studying in graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University. I am a graduate of University of ____, holding Bachelor degree in ____ with a second-class honor upper division.

I have chosen to apply to this programme especially the science and technology part because I interested in catering for the future of our mother planet earth. I find it intriguing that technology can be put to practical use, so that we can develop a logical consideration of possible risks to eliminate any unpredicted occurrence. It’s with this passion and drive that led me towards information technology made me to pursue a degree in …... With the ability to apply technological practices in my working life now and in the future would allow me to endlessly engage in situations that require problem-solving and systematic skills which I can not achieve now due to limited knowledge in IT. I have plans to specialize in ____.

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IT has been my interest from my early age especially playing around with gadgets. This interest heightened when I joined high school where computer happened to be my best subject. Later taking IT at my undergraduate as a career has been a long-time goal of mine hence by now I have seen and experienced the importance of IT.

Experience is the best teacher and true to these experiences have shaped me in to a hardworking and intelligent person. I have finished attachment, mention project you did

The quest for mutual respect and appreciation for people’s abilities and contribution independent of their background are ideas that all must struggle for in the world. These attitudes are central for building democratic societies and in a way, I strongly believe IT plays an important role important role in the development of the world. The widening socio-economic status between nations are highly attributed to their corresponding advancement in science and technology. To be bridge this huge differences, science and information technology needs to maintain significance and have adequate resource base, this is why I could like to gain the necessary skills needed by completing a master’s degree in IT. Getting the chance to study a Masters in information technology will play a big deal to achieving a lot. I will strife go give back to the community at large as I would like to make a world a better place for tomorrow generation.

I will benefit a lot from studying at Carnegie Mellon university; some of the benefits include career advancement in IT. From the graduate degree I will have gained knowledge i.e. powerful forces for the progress in global society and the global economy. I have interest in working in the necessary areas I will have trained so that I can put to use the knowledge I have gained at the graduate to development of my country. Having been empowered technologically it will be of importance if I also empowered my country be it in private or public business, government, non-governmental organizations and society because in one way or the other I will be giving back to the community. This can be achieved by contributing to the achieving of vision of Kenya. This includes poverty eradication, spearhead sustainable development and tackle development challenges. This will be done by promoting Kenya as an investment hub hence ensuring the locals benefit through job opportunities created and the development projects offered. The scholarship will also offer me a chance to interact with greats minds from all over the world. With the interaction will come exchange of idea which is of great importance. I will also get an opportunity to learn a new culture from the Rwandese people. Being a student in Carnegie Mellon University would empower my career development and give me a framework to utilize my full potentials. I am very eager if given an opportunity to study in another country will be exciting while engaging in my personal development.

In conclusion, I am eager to learn in a new environment with new challenges as I believe this will enable me gain new experiences, broaden my knowledge of IT and generally improve my skills, and I am positive that studying at Carnegie Mellon University would of great importance to my development as a specialist in IT of international level in the best possible way.

Thank you so much as you consider my application. I look forward for your reply.

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