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What Influences On Brand Identity

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The Role of Aesthetics in Developing a Brand Identity

Everywhere we look, everywhere we go we are bound to encounter an advertisement of some sort—be it for a business or a brand. Sometimes, such an advertisement will cause us to stop whatever we are doing at that moment, capturing our attention. How does a flyer, brochure, billboard, or online advertisement wield such an ability? The answer lies in aesthetics. Brands and businesses utilize aesthetics as a marketing tactic in a way that makes them unique among competitors and their products or services seem appealing. Through various elements and principles, brands can establish their identity and attract buyers in their respective markets.

Color, one of the main elements of art, has a great influence on a buyer’s decision when it comes to making a purchase. More often than not, one would prefer to purchase a product when it is displayed in color rather than in black and white. This is the reason why brands tend to incorporate a wide range of colors, adjust hues and brightness, and apply different degrees of value. However, it is important to note that products shown in black and white allow viewers to focus on the product’s functionality, whereas images in color make the product’s other, less important details or features to stand out and influence the buyer’s decision in purchasing the product quite significantly. Space is another crucial element that brands take into consideration. It serves to create an illusion of depth,a visual experience that draws viewers in. Space makes a difference in how one perceives things, making for a great implementation. Elements of art provide brands with the basic tools to develop their own identity.

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Shifting gears to principles of design, contrast enables us to see the difference between lights and darks, which makes visual representations pop out. Brands often rely on contrast in order to make the important aspects of their design be conspicuous. Along with contrast is emphasis, which is a distinct area or object in the design that draws attention. Emphasis is of use to brands in that it helps stress what is key in a piece of work. Balance is another principle to mention, as it provides a sense of stability to a design and correlates to the visual appeal viewers experience. The placement of shapes and other elements in an acceptable manner is something worth noting. By taking advantage of the ways in manipulating a design, the sensory and visual experiences all act as forces in luring in prospective buyers,

Corporations are quite powerful, and many might even say that they come to dominate the world. What allows brands and businesses to be on the rise might have to do with the ways of design and making their products and services attracting. Next time you see an advertisement, be sure to keep an eye out for these key techniques.

Short Answer

Piet Mondrian is known to have used primary colors in his artwork, the colors being red, blue, and yellow. His style of art is minimalistic, and his paintings reflect that style in that the painter made much use of white space.

Emphasis can be demonstrated in a flyer design through the principle of contrast, wherein the lighter colors and darker colors make the visual representations appear to pop out. Emphasis can also be achieved through typography, as incorporating bold or large text can make key information stand out to viewers. By making a particular area or object the main focus, brands and businesses can attract individuals in demanding their attention for products or services.

An example of this emphasis in designing a flyer is shown below:


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