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The Key Influences on Progression of Teenagers' Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse is a global concept practiced all over the world consciously or unconsciously. Primarily, drug abuse is the use of any drug or medicine without consulting a medical personnel, which means self medication is a form of abuse. My focus, however, is on use of hard drugs and why people especially teenagers get quickly addicted to it.

The predominant reason is influence, either by peers, family members or the environment. Peer groups, family members and the environment are the things we encounter directly everyday and they play major roles in our lives. Our friends and mates affect our dressing, the way we conduct ourselves, the way we perceive things and so on. A close observation on cliques show that there are common features found in its members; it could be hairstyle, brand of sneakers etc. The family is said to be the first unit of socialization and so a lot of values and ideas are gotten from the family. The environment also shapes our mood and way of life.

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Seeing how powerfully these factors affect someone’s decisions temporarily or permanently, they could be used to trace why certain people abuse and are addicted to stimulating drugs. It may sound silly, but a lot of people find drug abuse important. For example, a teenager like me could find it necessary to smoke wraps because all or almost all of my friends are doing it; no harm done since nobody’s dead yet. Despite the warnings on lung cancer and premature death, a lot of young people prefer to ignore the threats and go ahead anyways. The trend is chosen over reason.

Another importance is for high performance, especially athletes who need to exert a lot of energy. We hear cases of people using drugs that are meant for animals like horses just so they would perform great even if it seems unnatural for a normal human being. Any person caught or perceived to be using drugs that enhance performance is usually penalized from participating in the activity, but people still go ahead to do it anyways.

One of the most frequent things experienced when there’s a use of hard drugs is hallucination and intense ecstasy. A lot of my friends tell me that they smoke to get ‘high.’ This is a temporary vacation from the real world to a ‘magical’ place where there’s nothing but joy. In Nigeria where I stay, the most likely time to see people drinking and smoking is in the evening when the day’s ‘hustle’ is over and everyone goes home to face the family. Now, most of the time, these people usually have family oriented problems; probably a nagging wife, unpaid bills and so on. This, they can’t stand, and so they look for the fastest way out…and that’s to get high. I mean, that’s an important and necessary way to evade a lot of things; just enjoy a magical world of happiness by yourself with no problems. But no matter what, there’s a nagging truth that everything is temporary and reality will swoop back in again.

I assume that by now I’m not the only who noticed that all the reasons why drug abuse is important is in a nutshell, childish. Just like how a child does something naughty even when he knows there’s a consequence for it, those who abuse drugs do it anyway, even when there are looming consequences. Drug abuse is not important at all! It’s not even meant to exist not to talk of its importance.

Being not cool, I understand can be very isolating and somewhat depressing, but it’s a stage experienced by almost everyone in their adolescence. Evading problems through getting high is just a waste of time since the problem would still wait for you to be sober and present itself again. A lot of people have died prematurely just because of excessive intake of harmful drug. Everyone is entitled to enjoy freedom, it’s in the constitution, but doing things that would lead to destruction under the term ‘freedom’ is nothing but foolishness. What’s the use of freedom when you’re dead. Young students with great potentials drop out from school due to brain damage, just because of drug abuse, families are broken and a lot of people fall into depression.

The world is a happy and beautiful place to live in. Being in a good state of mind to enjoy it is highly recommended. Rehabilitation centers shouldn’t forget to point this out to those they are trying to help. Nobody’s perfect, but nobody should be ignorant of this…it would be perceived as foolishness.


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