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The Cultural and Societal Influences on Youth Violence

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Culture & Society

“Terrorist, go back to your Islamic land.” Then he punched me, right in the shoulder. Many people faced these problems, just like me. People repeatedly calling each other names and hitting each other. Youth violence affects me because I was personally bullied because of my race. I can stop youth violence by taking action and standing up for others and myself. Youth violence is caused by many factors, including personal experiences, revenge, and unconcerned parents. Many efforts have been put into stopping youth violence including helping communities establish organizations to stop youth violence, standing up for others in situations of violence, and most importantly standing up for yourself.

In fifth grade, every time I came home from school I would think: “Why do they make fun of me like that, what if they were to be made fun of?” I decided to take action-to tell my parents. My parents were very considerate, they took action, and I switched to a different school. Unfortunately, some kids don’t have the same privileges as I did in 5th grade to switch schools immediately. Many students are either too scared to tell their parents or just refuse to say anything. They stay depressed and in the future either commit suicide or take their anger out on someone else. This is one of the root causes of youth violence, and school counselors should work harder to make sure events like these don’t occur. Although schools have a lot of fault in youth violence, so do the living conditions at home.

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Living conditions at home are a crucial root of youth violence. It is the parent’s responsibility to supply their children with a safe and healthy environment, although in this generation this isn’t always true, with parents working and not looking out for their kids. When a child has lethargic parents, he or she is unsure of what they are wronging. This may lead to revenge. Revenge can be seen as a very strong feeling, as one may do anything to achieve it. There have been many cases that children have brought weapons to school, to get as much revenge before they take their own life away. These young kids have thought of their school year as mental torture instead of a learning environment. Although youth violence is a vital issue in this today’s world, many efforts are being put it to stop it.

A myriad of communities and organizations are helping youth violence become an issue of the past by raising awareness. These organizations help society perceive the causes and effects of youth violence to show how deadly and serious it may be, and to help people of all ages prevent it in the future. Children educated on youth violence will no longer keep tolerating this major issue; they will now stand up after and take action. Everyone can help; even one person can make a major difference in the community. Personally, I can also help, by joining organizations to speak up and take a stand on this brutal issue. I want to stand up for other children struggling through this subject, help other organizations speak up, and inform others of youth violence.

Despite the fact that youth violence is a major issue in the world, it has been decreasing throughout the recent years. More people have been informed about this concern, by watching the news to find out that there has been another case where youth violence has made a major role, and they are now helping the community. People have been informed of cases of youth violence in many ways, such as the news, friends, and sadly the lost of their loved ones. Youth violence has made a major role in our world, but with enough help and support, we can help stop what is now becoming a major issue in our everyday lives.


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