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What Inspired Me to Become a Clarinet Player in High School

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Being involved in music since fourth grade has been a wonderful experience, and definitely something I would like to continue with in my education. This is my ninth year as a clarinet player, and I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for my first music teacher, Mr. Allan Mitts. He was my first music teacher in Palms Elementary School, and continued to teach me when I went to Tetzlaff Middle School. The day I graduated from eighth grade going into ninth grade in high school was a very sad day because I had grown very close to Mr. Mitts. I promised to come back and visit as often as I could, and I did visit a few times. I then met Ms. Victoria Ramos my freshman year at Artesia High School. She taught me so much that Mr. Mitts never got to, and I’m very grateful she helped me grown as a musician. She is my all time favorite teacher, and an awesome music director!

Band class at Artesia High School was very interesting. All the kids were very welcoming to me and the other freshman, and it made me feel very comfortable. Sophomore year was fun too, with the new incoming freshman that are now my closest friends. Junior year was exciting because I felt one more step closer to senior year, meaning I needed to get ready to step up in leadership in band. In senior year I then became first chair section leader, librarian, and assistant drum major. Ms. Ramos has helped me from my first baby steps as a freshman in a scary high school, until I was at the top of the food chain as a senior. Graduation this year is most definitely going to be a very difficult day. I’ve grown so close to Ms. Ramos and the Artesia High School Symphonic band, it is going to be sad to leave. But I will carry on what I have learned in high school onto college, and from college who knows where my music will take me.

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Middle School and High School marching season was a blast! So many parades and competitions, and lots and lots of awards! Music is one of my escapes to express myself, and is my favorite class of the day. I made honor band my freshman and sophomore year, and this year I got first chair! It was a very fun experience playing with all those other great musicians. I got accepted to Long Beach City College, and I’m very excited to play with their band. I’ve played with Long Beach City College’s band before when I was a sophomore, and we played a combined piece from our ABC Honor Band selections. I plan to major in nursing, and minor in music. No matter what, music will always be a part of my life, and I’m very anxious to continue my musicianship after high school. I’m very thankful to the people who helped me get this far as a musician!


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