What Is A 3D Configurator?

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When you buy any item, you are presented with numerous options of the same product and can cause a lot of confusion. Many a times, you fail to get the product you desire and need to specially manufacture it. The design of the product can be done using a 3d configurator. This is a specialised application that lets you design and model any item the way you want it. Even the smallest details can be designed with top accuracy. It is the ideal software for designers and manufacturers. Interested? Then keep reading on for further information.

Features of 3d configurator

The main feature of any 3d configurator is that it designs as per your demand. This design can be way different than the traditional design of the product. For example, a wedding ring is circular, but you can design it to be square shaped if you desire it. The flexibility of the software is also notable. The various functions allow numerous operations to happen making the process a lot easier.

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Another major advantage of using a 3d configurator is that it is integrated with eCommerce, CMS, CRM and ERP softwares. This makes the software not only easy to use but makes the software more customer friendly and improves the user interface.

The 3d configurator has functions for animation and simulation that makes the working of the part much easier to visualise. The simulation also can display the problems that may be faced while using the particular machine. Mixed with 360-degree view, every nook and corner of the product can be looked into ensuring that the product is perfect.

Last but not the least, this software’s portability is what makes it so popular. This software can be used on the laptops, tablets and even on some high-end mobiles. The very portability of the software makes it easy to access from anywhere at any time.

Full sale cycle feature

The best feature of the 3d configurator is that it is not restricted to just designs, sketches and animations. It can literally analyse and simulate the entire market life of the product you design. The software realises the market requirements in real time and provides the projected price of your product. That way you can compare your profits and choose the optimum time for launching your product. The integrated softwares that have been added allow this feature to function flawlessly.

The high-end updates of the software is also capable of providing optimum solutions for the problems: technical or economical. The software also has the provision to advertise the product after it is ready and then realise the profit it might earn in future. From wedding rings to furniture, from industrial machinery to household items, anything can be effectively modelled on the 3d configurator.


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