What Does It Mean to Live a Life Well-Lived

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What is a Life Well Lived Essay

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A life well lived is one where you have no regrets, when you can wake up and be proud of what you did yesterday. However in the same mind, you can admit to your mistakes and put your best foot forward to fix them. This help you learn and shapes who you are as you experience different obstacles where your character is tested. Setting your goals and working to achieve them is another key to having a well lived life, this is because it shows that you had a purpose to fulfill and didn’t just exist. In this a life well lived essay I aim to persuade you that you didn’t just watch life pass you by standing in the background, instead you got yourself involved and gave yourself a motive.

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However, maintaining our own purpose in life can be hard sometimes, especially for people who are so greatly influenced by their religion like myself. I have been a Christian all my life where a well lived life in Christianity is knowing that you have pleased God by making him the center of everything that you have done. But it was until I personally made the decision to continue following Christ that it really started to matter to me, I personally wanted to make God proud. Although I am not fully there yet, it is a goal I have set for myself to please God because I know with him there is joy. And finally, a life well lived is really just doing what makes you truly happy, not worrying about the opinions of others which can really be there to distract you and take you off your path to success.

At times you have to be selfish and ask yourself, “What do I want to do? What matters to me that will bring me joy and happiness?” It’s the good kind of selfish that reminds that in the end that this is your life and you should want to live it to the fullest, no one can live your life for you. Yes there will be many influences because we all do need guidance whether it be from our family, friends, or peers. Whoever it is from, an influence just gives you the choice to choose whether or not you want to follow or take your own route; either way it’s your decision to make. In conclusion, one piece of personal advice that I’d like to offer on maintaining “A life well lived” is to remember to have a stable and positive mindset. Don’t lose your focus by thinking negatively when life brings on its obstacles, attitude is everything and it is up to you to view the glass as half full than half empty. Author Charles R. Swindoll said “The remarkable thing is, we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. ” Choose positivity, it will only make the process a little easier.

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