What is a Zombie in Computer Hacking

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Check your mail account now, see hundreds of spam mails in spam folders, maybe hundreds of spam emails that you receive every day. So where do you get these emails from? Do hackers sit down and manually send you hundreds of emails? Unfortunately, no! These tasks are done mostly using zombie computers. Hackers don’t have just one or two infected computers, a study has revealed— a hacker can control more than 1.5 million infected computers from just one computer.

Like in movies, I’m not talking about a computer that came back after death and is infecting the rest of the computers. Instead, zombie computers mean that computers are hijacked by viruses, malware, or Trojans and controlled by others. Maybe a single person is controlling your computer and maybe a team of hackers is controlling your computer. And the most dangerous thing is that you have little idea what to do with your computer. Many people think, Brother, I’m a person, what will someone do to attack or hack my computer? This kind of attack is not attacked by the person. Attacking one of your computers means that they have a soldier.

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When hackers created a whole bunch of infected computers, it was called a botnet. Only the commander of that botnet can command the zombie computers on that botnet, and these entire computers are controlled over the Internet. It is impossible to trace which computer is operating the botnet in this system. Most computer users may never know that their computer is committing someone else’s misdeeds.

You may be surprised to learn that most computer hacking is done by people who don’t have much knowledge of computer programs. They use many small programs to track down software errors that are installed on your computer operating system or computer and try to control your computer. These attackers are called crackers. Botnet investigators say the program of users is too sophisticated and many try to hack through other viruses. Crackers inject these viruses into your PC and turn them into zombie computers.

However, if hackers want to infect your computer, the virus software must be installed on your computer. They send spam mail to you, through the Pt. Network or through any Internet website to plant malware on your computer. Cracker changes the name and extension of its malicious software so that you can understand it is another software or work file. As you’ll be alert to all these attacks from the Internet, crackers will find new ways to infect you.

Sometimes you get a popup message when visiting a website or a webpage, sometimes it contains information about an offer and is asked to subscribe to mail. Each popup has a cross button or a consul button to cut it. Most of the time we click the Consul button, the cracker can hide the malware download link on this button and strategically download it to your system.

These malware files are usually in the file format you know, usually image files or MP4 or PDF is in the file. You will definitely open these files because they are in a familiar format. After opening, many computer antiviruses catch them – they survive immediately. But if they don’t get caught on their computer, nothing happens after they open it, they think the file was corrupted or there’s a problem with the file. This time the malware sits properly with the computer operating system and is connected to the AutoStart program so that the malware will also be activated whenever you turn on the computer. Through the malware, the hacker takes control of your computer’s Internet traffic directly. Thus, crackers attack hundreds or thousands of computers and create an army or botnet with all zombie computers.

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