The Success of Multiculturalism as an Ideology in Canada

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An Ideology is an individual, group’s or parties’ belief in certain ideas, it can also be viewed from a global perspective of social class, society or historical period. An ideology can effect an individual or groups of people, it effects the way they think and work in a society. There are various types of ideologies like socialism, communism, liberalism, Fascism, conservatism, feminism. We will be looking at the Multiculturalism as an ideology and how it has effected todays world and argue that is multiculturalism an failure or a success?

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Multiculturalism is an idea that comes from way back in the late1960s. Multiculturalism is defined as the presence of people of different culture, cast, color or creed in a society. The ideology of multiculturalism came into act during the civil rights movement, where the African Americans where fighting for their legal rights. Multiculturalism is said to be the consequence of globalization; It has played a very important role in the modernization of the global world. People are able to share idea and knowledge, they are able to learn about different cultures and backgrounds. Multiculturalism drives diversity therefore raises the importance of equality. During the early days the minority groups were not given a lot of importance as cultural diversity grew people were forced to accept the minority and give then the basic rights. Multiculturalism has not only been the claims of identity and culture but it has also been a matter of economic and political interest. The Civil rights movement was a struggle of justice for the African American during the year of 1950s and 1960, the civil rights also help abolish slavery but did not put and end to discrimination. The civil rights act of 1957 aimed to ensure that all African American got to exercise their right to vote and person found obstructing the persons right to vote would be sent to jail.

In todays world it is believed that there are different kinds of multiculturalism this is because of the huge field of ideologies that exist. There are three main kinds of multiculturalism: liberal multiculturalism, plural multiculturalism and cosmopolitan multiculturalism. Liberal multiculturalism is a mix of ideologies of liberalism and multiculturalism, liberalism is a political philosophy which believes that every individual has rights and responsibilities. In a liberal state citizens are given the freedom to chose their way of lifestyle, they are not forces to chose their religion and culture. This is said to be a matter of personal preference. Liberal multiculturalism focuses on equality, it focuses on group specific rights for the minority group. These minority groups are protected with the basic rights given to every citizen. One of the best examples in this case is the United Arab Emirates even thought it is a Muslim country the UAE does not force its citizens to convert themselves into Muslims they are given the freedom to practice their own religion in spite of being in a Muslim country. Pluralist multiculturalism is based the values of the host society, its this found in a large society with minority society in it. These minority societies are given the basic right, they maintain their cultural values and identity but are bound to adapt to the larger societies. Cosmopolitan multiculturalism the word cosmopolitan come from Greece the word cosmopolitan is broken down into two separates Cosmos meaning the world as a whole and the word polis meaning a self governing political entity. Cosmopolitan looks at the individual at a global scale this means look at the global world of individuals by giving them equal rights, cosmopolitan multiculturalism refers to people interacting with individuals from other countries and of other nationalities.

Multiculturalism has been Canada greatest success, it has help Canada develop at a huge scale. Looking into present world Canada is the only country where they have member of the cabinet of different nationalities all this is only possible because of multiculturalism. Canada was the first ever country to implement multiculturalism in their law book this act was called The Canadian Multiculturalism Act, A policy of multiculturalism that was officially adopted by the Government of Canada under Pierre Trudeau during the 1970s and 1980s. Canadian multiculturalism Act talks about giving people from different cultures and society the basic right and protection that are given to every citizen under the law, it also gives them the right to preserve their identity and values, provides them with any kind of assistance to remove the problem of barriers, they ensure that every citizen is given access to the basic amenities to have a living. Canada has benefited vastly by the implementation of this Act, it has helped them economically, socially and politically. Multiculturalism helps mix visible minorities into the labor market. the public service had an increase of minority employees from 1% in 1986 to 8.6% in 2006. Canadians are benefited from the buying and selling of goods in these markets. Members of minority groups have a equal right to participation in the Canadian politics. As immigrants have better chances of becoming a citizen in Canada than in any other Western country. Canada has more foreign members in the parliament system which is more than any other country. The government of Canada has also used the educational system to benefit from it by making education more accessible to people of different culture. The Canadian economy is benefited by multiculturalism as more and more international students come to the country and study, reports have said that more 100,000 students come to Canada and spend around 25,000$ on schooling which lead to an approximate total making of 3.8$ billion Canadian dollars.

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