The Attachment Theory in Pedagogy in Child Development

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The most important structure for children to be able to create their identities, to recognize their selves and to protect their character from harm is a secure connection bridge. Do you have any tricks here? What happens if a bond is established, and what happens if a bond is not established?

The essential thing of human life is our lives are connected and separated. From the first time we open our eyes to this world, the most basic feeling we need is the feeling of trust. The bond between mother and child in the first two years of life is known as a power that can keep the individual alive until the end of life. In the first 7 years of self-awareness, we receive the first mortal in our life with safe attachment.

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The importance of a secure connection in pedagogy is also very important for this. In order for our future years to be healthy, each unit must establish a safe connection with the mother for the first 2 years. Do you have any tricks here? What happens if a bond is established, and what happens if a bond is not established? I’ll learn right away.

The most important structure for children to be able to create their identities, to recognize their selves and to protect their character from harm is a secure connection bridge.

The mother and the child must occur within the first 2 years. First you need to connect to the mother. Then we are connected to living and how to live. The 2-year concept we use in this story is a true statement and tells you that your baby should win your mother’s trust for 2 years. The first childhood and adolescence periods of babies who are confident with the mother are also less anxious. At the same time, it is essential to establish safe bonds at the core of the individuals who do not give up and do not bend quickly when they experience problems in their lives.

For the first 2 years, the baby must sleep side by side with the mother

For safe attachment it is important that babies are not anxious for the first time and feel their mother right next to them when they feel hurt. For this reason, in the anxiety situations of night sleep, the mother should sleep next to her in order that the baby can feel safe. Newly developed baby beds or Montessori cribs, specially developed for this, will be the best examples.

It has been started to be sold from these beds in our country and great facilities have been created for the mothers. The biggest mistake made by many parents today is to confine children under 1 year old to their rooms. However, until the age of 2, no individual needs a private room.

When he feels restless, he needs a sheltered lima and a mother who will find peace when he feels the smell. For this, it is recommended that the first 2 years babies do not sleep separately from the mothers next to the mothers. Even remotely located beds in the same room are reminded by experts that not even fit. It is emphasized that the distance between the arms is as much as an arm.

It’s true that babies cry when they cry

One of the most common mistakes made in child education is to leave the child on their own during crying. Generally speaking, the idea of ‘opening your lungs’ and its goodness is in fact the opposite.

As long as there is no sense of physical pain, crying in children is not a normal occurrence. For this reason, we can state that crying points to anxiety and is always appropriate for the mother to take her baby.

Because it is not possible for babies to make crying numbers for spoiling, especially at those early ages. And contrary to what they seem, babies do not get used to it.

On the contrary, the more children grow up with the smell of mother, the more closely they become connected and become self-confident individuals. Your mother should not be confused with rhetoric like “you will get used to it” or “this is so much pampering”. Contrary to what you might think, spoiled or dependent children are not due to reluctance, but because of inconsistent behavior. It would be the right thing for them to keep their babies in their lap while they keep their babies in their lap and hug them with love.

Secure connection may not be with mother only

Safe attachment for working mothers can come into the business from time to time. At this stage, questions about the emotional need of the baby can not be solved. It is absolutely essential for the baby to sleep with the mother for the first 2 years in the night sleep; but there may be another large case where the baby can connect during the day in compulsory situations.

This big person can be close people like grandma, carer, aunt. Care must be taken that the person to be chosen as a carer is also a compassionate person who knows the child care very well in a pedagogical sense. Of course, in this process it is important to make the attachment process of the people other than the moth well. There is a method of establishing a connection with a second person step by step.

No matter what the circumstances, it is not recommended by experts to leave their babies 6 months before their mother and start work. The person (grandmother, carer, aunt, still) who will meet the emotional needs of the mother’s baby, who will start work after 6 months, should start the 6-week (1.5 month) vineyard process. In more detail, we can examine how these six weeks should be.

Working mothers have to work for 6 weeks before starting work

1- Before the mother starts work, the person who is going to be connected to the second 6 weeks, 1.5 months ago, has to settle in the house. In this way, you can visually adjust your baby to that person. So now it is not appropriate for carers to come home a few days in advance. However, the person who will make this bond should not be in the first week with the child. Every need mother should also be remedied.

2- When we switch to the second week, it is possible that the person who will make the second bond can be engaged in the process of eliminating the needs physiologically. So this week the other person can get a baby and slowly start to change the gold. However, the emotional need to do so at lunchtime should never be undertaken so early. At this stage, the baby should still meet the need for emotional need for sleep.

3. When we leave the first month behind, the baby may begin to slowly go through all his needs with the second person to connect. And here it is important to note that the second person to connect must not change anymore. That is to say, “We tried with a caregiver for 1 month, then the grandmother came, and 6 months later still comes”. In this way, the complicated feeling of the baby may psychologically cause anxiety and the safe connection with the mother may break off after a while.

Even if they have succeeded in establishing a healthy connection in this process, nothing should prevent them from sleeping side by side in the sleep of the night. Night sleep is also the greatest need in terms of physiological sense. When you have accumulated this feeling, the baby should feel the warmth of her mother at all times. Careful attention to these details should ensure that the baby builds trust.

How do you know that secure connection is not healthy?

If you are awake at night and awakened by crying, the first reason to call is bond. The secret of secure attachment is hidden in the child’s anxiety, making sure she takes sure steps.

We can say that if your baby refuses to suck, if there is a restless mood and crying fits, if you do not want to sleep, if you have difficulty in feeding.

In addition, over the next years, excessive reactions, rebellious attitudes, confrontations, lies, and wanting to stay away from home are signs that there is no safe connection between mother and child.

The secret of secure connection is just sleeping?

Although the key point is to sleep with the mother, each behavior must be consistent with each other. If you can not control your anger by blowing in the day, the secret of sleeping together at night will be missing.

We can give a few examples from the leaves in the secure bonding secrets:

1- Breastfeeding is the most important time zone for both warm and bonding. While your mother needs a physiological need from one side of her chest, the baby needs emotionally the beautiful words of her mother. Do not ever miss your words of love for it.

2- A delightful bathroom can strengthen your tie and your child can love your child.

3- The soft movements and words used during gold change have an effect that can strengthen your bond.

4- Painting together, playing games, reading fairy tales, chatting can be counted among the strengths of a secure connection.

In short, the mothers and fathers who have access to the secret of safe connection will not always lose their peace of mind and will always be able to approach their saints with compassion.

For people who are self-reliant, with solid steps, to live as a free individual, for those who can be selective in their decisions, for children who are respectful to themselves and others, safe attachment is important for children who do not even like what it means to be lost. We do not have to learn, everyone in our circle is a sensitive issue that we need to teach.

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