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Big Brother is a Social Experiment in the form of a reality TV show, people from all around Australia send in applications and ultimately only 24 get chosen. Although some may not go in on the first day. These new housemates are put into the Big Brother house and is made their home for up to 100 days. They have to face all sorts of problems and experiments, it’s not all bad some of its fun with the Australian format, Big Brother likes to have fun with the housemates and toy with them, mainly with the diary room visits which you get to see and hear. In the end, it comes down to ONE person wining, it usually comes down to 3 people, the winner gets $250,000.

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On the 3rd of October, Endemol Shine AU had announced the applications thus confirming Big Brother Australia was finally coming back in 2020! Fans were ecstatic all over social media including people from America and the UK as BBAU is loved world-wide, as it had been 5 years since the last season of BBAU went to air, but it wouldn’t be Big Brother without many rumours circling around on social media platforms and news websites. One of the rumours that it will be following along with the US version of Big Brother and using the US format because Endemol Shine said “The game has changed”, as stated fans are furious and want the format to be the same has how Channel Ten did it in Big Brothers earlier seasons, they want Big Brother Australia to remain unique.

The next rumour is that the original host Gretel Killeen will be coming back as the host of Big Brother, with multiple news sources stating this and that no one else owned Big Brother as much as she did. Rumour has it Gretel made an appearance on “The Masked Singer” to put her self out there again so she would be contacted to be the host of the 2020 Season of Big Brother, as stated by Benjamin Norris a former winner of Big Brother in a podcast (with Hit Entertainment.)

US format, Gretel coming back, what everyone is most suspicious about is the location of the Big Brother house. The location of the new house is unknown, Big Brother Australia’s original house… well was an actual house that was renovated every season… with it being cancelled for 5 years the house fell into disrepair and got vandalised, earlier this year it was then burnt down and no longer able to be used, and Dreamworld Studios (where the live shows happened) and the original house have now been demolished and bulldozed. 

Now as mentioned, everyone’s wondering where the new house and studio will be? Some say they will be rebuilding at the original location or some say (As Benjaminmentioned in the podcast) the new location will be in a studio in Melbourne, with the house being built within a studio just like the international versions of Big Brother. along with channel 7 being the broadcaster for Big Brother Australia.

With Big Brother Australia making a comeback, what’s this mean for the other version of Big Brother? Well turns out Big Brother Sweden is back, with Big Brother Australia creating social media hype there are rumours circulating that Big Brother UK may be coming back, but it is not confirmed. With all this hype it’s making more and more people want to apply for it and go through 5 or more stages of auditions to try and get into the Big Brother House! Often people ask previous winners what you need to do to get in, Tim has you covered! (Winner of BBAU 2013) he made this video 5 years ago and explains everything you should and shouldn’t do. Tims guide to getting into Big Brother.

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