What is Biology and Its Role in Everyday Life

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Many of us think that everyday we live normal lives without anything that has to do with it, but you are wong. Biology has something to do with our everyday lives as well as math, but I will mainly focus on Biology. In this essay I will discuss the daily uses of Biology, a focus group study on lay perspectives on the term life, and finally how evolution shapes our lives.

Everyday uses of Biology. Biology is the study of living things and it represents more than a subject in school. Let’s start off with food and beverages. We all consume biological products to survive and for enjoyment. Microbes and enzymes allow the creation of foods like cheese, yogurt, and bread. Barley, yeast, and hops work together to make beer, with enzymes activated with the malting of the barley and the yeast metabolizing in fermentation. Other biological processes aid in food processes. Next, clothing and textiles. We wear clothing made out of biological processes. Linen is made from flax which is another plant based fabric. Polyester is made from fossil fuels and plants provide the basis for fabric dyes. Carpets, towels, and any other household textiles are made from plants. Interesting huh? Biological sources also provide the ingredients for personal and beauty products, transport and leisure. The rubber of the tires are made of rubber from trees. Many boats are still made of wood and boaters still use plant- based ropes. Many homes around the world are built from plants. Wood from trees provide frameworks for homes, and other buildings as well as the furniture within them. Rugs and floors are made from wood, cork, fibers, and linoleum, all plant- based. Paper comes from wood and erasers from rubber, inks, pens, and pencils are all from plants. Many fuels that are used today, originated from a biological origin. Fossil fuels such as petroleum and natural gases are formed from decayed plant and animal matter. Ethanol, made from plant sugars is blended with gasoline to increase fuel efficiency. This moves us to our last point, hospitals and medicines. Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff learn biology to help humans and animals. Most of the medicine provided to us has plant- based ingredients. Plants even form the basis for bandages, whether it is cotton or latex. So what did we learn? That Biology aids to make everyone’s lives on earth better.

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The Term “Life”. So what is life? Many philosophers say that this might be a very difficult or pointless question to ask. In biology life is defined by its traits. For example, transformation, autopoiesis, metabolism, homeostasis, genome, reproduction, evolution, and interaction with the environment. Other definitions surround “seven pillars of life”: program, improvisation, compartmentalization, energy, regeneration, adaptability, and seclusion. The data showed that children have more difficulty with the abstract “alive” than animals, plants, and other living things. Ledon, uses the term “alive” to test children’s understanding of biological concepts. In english the word “alive” is ambiguous and includes properties of motion, animistic, and animals in its meaning. The experiments show that a clearer category like “living things” helps children to classify living things entities in a biological sense.

Evolution. Evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection. Charles Darwin what we now know as “industrial melanism.” In the past 40 years, pollution has caused moths to become darker. Humans can be a lot trickier than nature. It is a theory about everyday life involving gases, electricity, and plate tectonics. Evolution is is a terrific science and a true statement to the human spirit. Cultures do not evolve, develop, progress, nor follow any linear, predictable, or regular trajectory. Evolution has a consistent or prevalent direction. Following a broad predictable course by responding to a single set of coherent causes. Humans have more ideas than nonhuman primates.

In conclusion, we learned that Biology plays a role in our lives. Wherever, we are Biology made it. Whether it has to do with the term “life” or “evolution”. There are specific tests to be made in order to fully understand something.

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