The Cautionary Tale of Climbing a Career Ladder

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The term itself got its own unique identity as it helps and warns many individuals in taking steps in their career or life and before expressing something worst. One must always try to find the cautionary tale on something they are on to.

There is always a story which depicts pros and cons of the situation, indeed we are the one who can clearly judge the things and move forward. Here we have the opportunity to explain cautionary tale in organization perception. There are many scenarios where people from organizations offer position in their company in exchange of money without getting their documentation checked or background check clearance. At times we can clearly see few cases where organizations are being negligible in the process of new hiring. There is always a loop hole to get into any organization, where the key persons from the organization play vital role in hiring new personals without proper qualifications, eligibility.

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This will be the situation where the new employs who are hired gets a chance to breach into company’s sensitive information which leads to the security and reputational issues. Which can also be the reason for the downfall of the organizations growth and value as it may be in the hands of irresponsible and ineligible employs. There will be a situation where such employs may get fired with the immediate effect with no reason or the prior notice. Higher officials from the organization should make a quick move in taking action in response to the situation and terminate the employees who hired such personals from future safety of the organization.

From true instances, before getting into master’s degree program I was on a hunt for a job in reputed organization. Took quite a time and studied more in my stream, and finally hopes shattered and I got a contact who can get me a job through back door for money. I had no other option and I utilized this opportunity to get job. He had various clients base with different designations. Every designation has its own price. Finally I paid well for what I wanted without even thinking whether I am eligible for the designation.

Later on I started working but things did not seemed well according to responsibilities of the designation. My job involves doing analysis for the work that needs to be done by a team which plays a vital development role in organizations growth. I started with a fear and continued to lie with fear because I clearly don’t know what to do and whatever the knowledge transfer I got was very confusing because I never knew the terminology and scope of the system they were trying to implement. This continued for 1 month and my colleagues started to notice my inefficiency of work and reported it to our supervisor and managers which in turn made me leave the job and they fired me.

As this was my first job, I learned little things like how to talk to business stake holders, how to manage the timings with job and life, most importantly understanding how hard it is to get a job by struggling through all phases of life. So, this experience was cautionary tale for me which I never repeated and worked hard to get to better position where I am in right now. I hope everyone learns something from other person and there is always a little good in bad.

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