The Hardships and Struggles of Christian Life

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None of us really understands Christian life or life until, like Christ, we are broken. But the phenomenon of rupture is a smoky and confusing subject. The diapers associate it with barbarians; How can a good god demand that he be broken? For the insiders, it may be a case of Pharisaic pride- “I know it and not “-but it’s not really fragility. Fragility is a state of pain before and without God. Know the true state of the heart. Of the poverty of the spirit. To know the truth of our soul. And this truth is ugly, so it’s undeniable. The broken people arrived at the end of themselves and began a journey that works humbly with their god. It is not that they are not proud to fight it. Oh, really. You’re just aware of what it looks like. They see their pride as an intrinsic part of their fragility and despise their pride. He won’t survive a hell of a flood. Broken people have reconciled a very important question; In response to conflicts, they have resolved through years of learning that attack and weaning reactions do not work. The Holy Spirit has shown you a third way.

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I know my heart, you know yours? The state of a Christian’s heart is a measurable reality. Rarely does the heart want to do the right thing, and never without God. On a recent homework trip after having a good day, reports and devotions and sessions with people who were successfully negotiated and conducted, I had no idea why I was so impatient. At least three times I felt tempted to disturb the other riders, at least I felt in me. I praise God for showing me this. You have a consciousness in me of the state of my pungent heart. The only answer that was worthy of God was that I repented-to receive his mild but firm reproach. My heart is lazy, even if it is zealanally consecrated to God. I know my heart. I know how tempting I am to sin easily. And I know how insidious and intelligent that brings me to sin. I am a moment away from a fall, and my only protection is, to be honest, and accountable to God and others. My question is, is your heart better than mine? And if you think so, you can categorically say that you are not proud that such a defense is mounted? Remember that pride is wise, and Satan’s Wiles is a ploy to destroy us.

The reason why forgiveness is so difficult

The reason that forgiveness is so hard is so simple that we have to do it because of its simplicity on the ground. Our hearts are lazy and try to win at all costs, and your heart is lazy, and you try to win at any cost. We can only see from our point of view; We do not look good from the point of view of others. We do not explain the mistakes of others, but if we make mistakes, we want to be forgiven. We judge lightly and go the others. And we never recognize the cane we do on the back if we blame other people if we have our own contribution. The reason why forgiveness is so difficult is the number of factors that do not see how God sees. Our hearts deceive us. It is very easy to see why only God has the ability to give mercy. Without God’s help, we have no way of giving people the grace they need, which we also need from them. Because it breaks the only way Salvation is truly a state and an experience. We are saved by our active faith in the Lord Jesus. Don’t just say he’s our savior, but he’s following him. To allow him to truly be the Lord of our lives. This life is a life that is given to repentance. Where a Christian does not repent simply and daily, he is not really a Christian. Christians do not walk and criticize others in the name of the Lord. If there is no fruit of repentance in the life of a Christian, there is really no sign of faith.

The only way is “The Third Way “-in and through the break

Our only hope to live the life that God has chosen to live, which is neither assault nor retreat, is to live on purpose in what I call the Third way. It is a way of life that is destined to break. In this way, from the point of view of the peace, there is the way of rupture, because only with the help of God, through devotion, because we have no answer or solution that we can obtain for ourselves, we can the will of God. Of course, we have nothing to offer God in terms of pity. Breaking is the way to distinguish and do God’s will. Even if we live in conflict and are tempted to react aggressively or retire, which is their form of passive aggression, God offers us a third way. This third way is nothing we can solve. It doesn’t formalize anything. This is nothing we can control. And it just happens through devotion and we are given as a mystery, even if we fall on our knees figuratively and bark: “Lord, help me! ” Only when we are broken to acknowledge madness, to react in our strength, do we collect the power of God, ironically, in our weakness. I must once again acknowledge the place of peace during my journey.

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