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What Is Depression And How To Deal With It

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What is depression? How would one define depression? Depression is becoming more prevalent in our country as a study has shown that over 18,000 Malaysians have been diagnosed with depression in 2017 based on the statistic obtained through mental health screening programs conducted on 273,203 individuals at health and community clinics in 2017 (The Star, March 2018). Depression is usually associated with feeling ‘sad.’ However, depression is much more than that Depression has caused many problems ranging from mental illnesses to seclusion from society. As such, depression could be solved by having a healthy lifestyle and psychotherapy.

Research from the world health organization shows that there are around 300 million people that are affected by depression, and it is only increasing. This is becoming a crucial problem for the world as depression affects both the self-confident and mental wellbeing of the patients (Hurley, Jun 2018). Due to this, they will feel loneliness then they will feel despair towards their lives (Hurley, Jun 2018) and may even cause them to commit suicide. Due to them feeling hopeless thus causing them to ignore the solutions around them. Furthermore, leading them to believe that death is the only way end their suffering. The Malaysian mental health association has also stated that the suicide rate among residents in Malaysia is now increasing at astonishing rates as almost one-third of all adults in Malaysia are affected by depression. Fortunately, depression is treatable.

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Depression can be overcome by living a healthy lifestyle. Examples of living a healthy lifestyle include exercise regularly and have a healthy diet which contains a lot of nutrition. This is because exercising and a healthy diet not only makes a person’s body healthier, it can also minimise the possibility of getting depression in a person (Harvard Medical School, August 2013). Research from 49 studies done across the world, involving 266,939 people shows that a person who engages in physical activities are less likely to get depression (Attard, April 2018). So, why exercising can help to enhance a person’s mood? This is because by exercising, the body will release a chemical called neurotrophic. This neurotrophic can improve the growth of the nerve cells to stabilise a person’s mood which makes the person relieve their stresses which can lead to depression (Knapton, April 2018). Moreover, exercising can boost a person’s self-confidence: thus, it can make the person feels less nervous because exercise makes his appearance become better. When they feel less anxiety, then the chance of getting depression will be decreased. Next, the nutrition in a diet also can play its role in reducing the risk of depression. A study also found that people who ate healthy food such as vegetables and fruits, have 25 to 35 percent lower the risk of depression compared to the people who ate lower-quality food which contribute the chance in getting depression. For example, a study shows that having a diet with foods such as sardines and oily fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the possibility of having depression as the omega-3 in the fish helps in developing the central nervous system which the help of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in omega 3. (Collingwood, 2016). Furthermore, food that contains high processed oil, such as corn oil, should be avoided as it may also lead to depression (Lugavere, March 2018). Therefore, a good eating habit must be practised to reduce the risk of depression.

Besides that, depression could be helped or solved by psychotherapy. Parekh (2016) stated that psychotherapy, which is also known as talk therapy, is a unique and effective that treatment for patients that have the mental illness such as depression. During psychotherapy sessions, patients will interact with psychotherapist and confess their problem to them and psychotherapist will give the patient advice or treatment to the patients based on the issues they face. It is observed that about 75% of people who participated in psychotherapy sessions have shown improvement regarding their illness(Parekh, 2016). Goldberg (2017) stated that psychotherapy is also found to be highly effective in curing depression when combining the therapy with psychotherapeutic drugs.

In conclusion, the problems caused by depression can be resolved through psychotherapy sessions and keeping one’s physical condition in check. A person that lives a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of contracting depression as it helps them to release the stress felt by them. Besides that, psychotherapy allows patient can mitigate their burdens by talking with the psychotherapist. The therapist will then give you advice on how to overcome the adversity you face. Although these treatments have had a high rate of success, it is not a foolproof way to deal with depression as everyone faces different issues. However, I believe that these solutions will be able to reduce the problems faced by our society considerably.


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