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What Is Emotion And Disappointment

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Smith and Passer (2004) define emotion as feeling or affect state that involve pattern of cognitive, physiological and behavioral reaction to events. These two scholars continue to tell us that motivation and emotions are linked, in that we only react emotionally when our motives and goals are met, threatened or frustrated. The emotion which am looking at, which is disappointment, result mostly when someone is frustrated.

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Izard (1991) says emotions are part of human interactions, and they are an avoidable, she says also that emotions are part of our personality, for example we can say that Diana is very emotional, and we tend to say this because of what we have observed, maybe we saw Diana watching a movie, and when she saw a scene of people who loved each other breaking up, she cried, that’s where we saw Diana as emotional person.


Disappointment is a reasonable or appropriate response to violated expection.Draper continues to argue in his writing that it is reasonable to feel disappointed when you lose something important in your life, because of certain event that happen.

Another scholar by the name of Bradley (2010) defines disappointment as a negative emotional response to the disconfirmation of a positive event, which is, or which would be the object of hope. Disappointment is appropriate when positive event are overtaken by negative event. For example if there is person working in an a certain organization and during his career everything has been going right for that person, in that, that person has been waiting for a promotion, but suddenly things happen not the way that person had expected, in that, that person gets dismissed from his position, it’s perfectly reasonable for that person to get disappointment.

Bugh (2011) says every individual is prone to disappointment, and sometimes these events that occur in our lives that lead to disappointment can be horrific, example of horrific disappointment can be loss of loved one and also we have devastating disappointment such divorce and loss of a job.

Disappointment can also be described as a form of sadness, a feeling of loss, uncomfortable space between our expectation and reality, we can see this through, someone who had a well paying job, and this person never saw himself being fired, and suddenly this person receives a dismal letter, this person will be very disappointment

Kumar, Jampol and Gilovich (2014) say’s if we make ourselves comfortable where we are, and we are happy and fulfilled we always set ourselves for disappointment. He continues to say though disappointment is unpleasant, it does provide us with valuable information about ourselves, other people and what will make us truly happy.

Disappointment will not just happen, for there to be disappointment, there are other emotions that are involved such as happiness and contentmemt.Talking of disappointment in happiness, we can talk maybe of a couple that was happy together in many years, but it happens that one of the partner decides to be unfaithful, the other partner will definitely be disappointed when he or she discovers the betrayal of his or her a partner.

Contentment, here disappointment can be expressed when we have this person who was in a well paying job, security catered for and a permanent job, in that he or she didn’t have to worry about the future, but this person surprisingly gets a dismissal letter from his work, definitely this person will be disappointed

There are some scholar who have deemed it necessary to undergo disappointment, in that it is through disappointment that you can be able to pick yourself up and do something new to better your life.Santrock (2012) says that it is through disappointment that we can be able to understand what is important to us, by examining the cause of the disappointment that we are experiencing. He continues to say that disappointment provides information about the way we view ourselves, the world and others.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?