Exploring the Variety of Exotic Flora in Nature

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Exploring the Variety of Exotic Flora in Nature

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Nature is the physical world, and what made of, this includes plants, animals, landscapes. It is the characteristics of what an environment is made up of. The scientific name for plants is flora; that are the plants of a specific region. There is also another category of plants that are called exotic flora, strange plant or flower that are from different countries. Exotic flora it cannot be found everywhere. They have their unique habitat and climate; they are found in mountains, swamps, jungles, deserts or rainforest. What they these places have in common is that their climate is either humid, damp, hot, tropical or Sumy. There are specific species found in this category like lilies, orchids, banana, passion flowers, bird of paradise or venus flytrap. The following are some examples of the most exotic flora in nature.

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Exotic Flora is rare since is not found everywhere but this next plant that is called Pelican Flower, and its scientific name is Aristolochia Grandiflora. Pelican Flower is a weird plant that at the same time is unique and beautiful because instead of having petals; it has a big inflated chamber that is colorful. Since it is so attractive, people think that it has a pleasant smell, but that is what it makes it unique since it is smell is like the one of a dead mouse; because of the smell, it has a unique feature that attracts insects. This plant is found in the tropical forest of the Caribbean and Central America.

Somethings that people do not know about exotic flora is that most or some of them can be used as medicine like the passion flower. The passion flower can be used to help people with their insomnia or sleeping problems, and it can also be drunk as a relaxing for people that have anxiety. This plant has an extract used as a flavoring in foods and beverages. It made of big thin petals mostly of colors like yellow, pink or purple. It can be found in trees in the tropical forest of Mexico, Central, and South America and sometimes in united states or Asia. Birds use there pollen to be feed.

Some of the exotic flora it can only be found in a specific continent. Tiger lily is one of the plants that can found in Asia, especially countries like China, Japan, Korea and sometimes Russia. This plant has a strong and sweet smell because of this, most parts of the plant can be edible. The tiger lily it has large orange petals that are cover with black spots. Since it is so rare people use it for special occasions like in weddings, graduations, ceremonies as decoration on in the food. The Tiger lily is also used as a medicinal plant.

Exotic Flora is a fascinating subject since it has a massive field of flora in it. Most of these plants have similar characteristics that are why they form part of this category. They have unique features used for multiple things, and since they are so rare, they give the human eye a different perspective of what nature is and of what it can do. It can be so unique that even painters use exotic flora as an inspiration for their paintings or drawings since it can be so unique. Some of the artists that used exotic flora as an inspiration are Karl Blossfeld, Tina Modotti, and Henri Rousseau but there was someone that was famous because of his exotic flora wallpapers, and this was William Morris. Thanks to his art he created the art and crafts movement that give value to nature especially to this kind of flora.

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