What is Faith: Relationship Between Faith and Reason

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What is faith? To find that out, we must go on our journey together with beliefs that come along with us and try to implement themselves in our heads. Meanwhile, to survive your journey, you will have to have courage, hope, support, accountability, and wisdom. However, if you ask everyone, they will define faith differently than other people who describe faith. Even if you go around asking a hundred various people, there will be a high possibility that you will get many different answers. On the other, out of those a hundred people, there will be very few people who will get similar answers to other people, but there will not be a lot of similarities. On this journey, there will be people who come along our way to keep you off track such as temptations, actions of family, friends, relatives, and other people that are trying to convert more people to their faith. In the end, you know you have to make a decision or decision because every faith includes at least a decision or decision. To move on, I think faith is a journey, a practice or religious belief, a securely held belief or theory, a full trust or confidence in someone or something, and a strong belief in God or teachings and beliefs of a religion, established on spiritual knowledge and thought compared to truth. So what is faith and the relationship between faith and reason?

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If we think about this deep enough, faith is the reason how we get around the world, how we live life, the reason we make our steps and decisions, how we choose our paths and journeys, how we think about the things happening or the people we see, and everything else. Faith for me is a big part of me because for me it makes up a whole part of me, gets me through my hardships, and gets me through my rough paths. This may sound crazy but when I start to deal with things in my life that make me think how do I get through this, why am I experiencing this, why is life so hard, why is God doing this to me, and why can’t life be simpler. Faith isn’t always the key to everything but I know once I get over that boulder that is blocking me from seeking a faith that is leading me to God, everything is possible. That’s when I started to see the light, beauty of life, the happiness, that’s when I started to let go of everything that is stopping me from being closer to God every day, especially all my fears, my worries, and my sufferings. I know that when I start to turn to God for everything, he starts to guide me and when I just start to let go of worrying about his advice and let him do all the guiding and only follow his advice, things feel as if they are going smoothly. I only know this feeling, but I quite can’t do it often because I get so worried about my surroundings and implement thoughts in my head that stop me from doing this action. I know following a faith which is the Catholic faith for me is hard because faith is a belief. Believing for me is hard because if I have to believe I have to have evidence through sight, physically touching and hearing. George W. Forell once said that “faith is universal.”(Forell 1) Whenever I think of this quote, I think Forell is trying to say that everyone has certain beliefs, as they believe in something, somebody, and some people. Forell is not excluding this quote from believing in God or other gods, I just think that all humans believe in something like kindness, love, God, money, role models, etc.… If we zoom in or change up this question too, “What is my faith?” I would answer this question more differently, straightforwardly, and specifically. I would answer this question like this, “My faith has started very smoothly until I hit an age in my life which was puberty, and where my parents started to let go little by little of their overprotectiveness more and more, as time passed. I started to do things that I never would expect me to do, things my family would never want me to do, things I never planned to do, and I knew at that point I was walking down the wrong path. I wanted to go back to my parents and let their wings protect me and guide me like a duckling. At that same time, I knew I couldn’t go back because everyone that was the same age as I was doing just fine, they weren’t struggling with anything, and I didn’t want to be any more different from them. I started to see that I was so much different from my friends and classmates, they always came back to me and told me that they were having fun or enjoying their life. I started to ask God, why am I dealing with hardships before everyone else, I started to lose faith, love, and hope as time passed. I just couldn’t stand the fact that things were changing so fast and why did it have to begin with me. Even now I have started to sort of stop dealing with hardships, and the weird thing is people around me are beginning to deal with their hardships right now. Every day, I try to listen to praise and worship music, pray to God in the morning and night, thank God in the morning and night, thank God for all my meals, pray to God to help me get through hard moments, and try to go to mass and do spiritual communion if I can’t go to mass every day. I know that some people just go to mass for the sake of pleasing their parents or listening to their parents. I know this isn’t how I react to my parents but there was a point in time when I did things just to please my parents. Now if I don’t want to do things then I would tell my parents my input on it. Some people think that their faith is just going to mass, giving up one hour dedicating their time but not for me faith is strengthening and communicating with your God every day. I know a lot of people that are afraid to show their faith in public by praying in public before they eat. Me, I am no longer afraid to show my faith but I used to be very shy and afraid to pray in public the fact that they would look at me weirdly and judge me.

Finally, I just would like to thank my family for choosing the Catholic faith for me to believe in because when life wasn’t just going right, like when my dad was about to have a heart attack because he was stressing out too much over me, when everyone started to stop talking to me in the house because I started to put friends above all things, and when I started to make my parents cry at night just thinking all about me. The only reason why these things happened was that I got myself wrapped too much in my friends’ world when I was at home and didn’t spend time with my family. I didn’t start to feel guilty at first but my guts started to kick in and change my stubborn feeling into guiltiness. I knew the only way to help me, ease away my pain, and guide me was my faith and GOD. I just love him and I would never want to lose this part of my life or give it up. I just want to do something special like being a martyr for my faith or becoming a saint because God has sacrificed so many things for me and I want to do something in return. “Keep the faith, hold on. Keep a relationship between faith and reason. Things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.”    

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