Correlation of Current Demographic to Human Geography

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Migration and immigrants correlates to the definition of human geography as it is movement of people changing locations and due to geography. Geography in areas can impact human life and activities of people, such as migration. Within the past month of August a group of migrants from different parts of Africa such as Libya, Eritrea, and Somalia were stranded on at sea off the coast of Libya. These migrants consisted of 141 children and adults who spent around 35 hours drifting at sea. As of August 10 the stranded migrants have been rescued by migrant rescue charity SOS Mediterranee and the charity called upon European governments to provide a safe for the ones rescued. This shows how migrants face challenges of natural geography and how their movements influenced government involvement. Another event related to immigration is Japan planning to loosen rules for immigrants to work due to a labor shortage. In the month of June Japan has suffered from labour shortages for companies but the prime minister, Shinzo Abe is allowing immigrants to be guest workers and utilize their skills to overcome this shortage and help boost Japan’s economy. The usage of foreign workers shows how different cultures can positively affect economic geography. As Europe's migration crisis has began to subside, Spain’s has only risen. In July there have been mass waves of migrants going to Spain that show geographic relocation and human movement. In the article “Spain’s Migrant Wave Grows, Even as Europe’s Subsides” by By Raphael Minder on New York Times, Minder states how the geography off of Spain’s coast near the beaches makes it more efficient for migrants to travel to shore. This relates to human geography as the location of Spain influenced movement of migrants. As of July 27, 208 it was reported that more than 1,500 people have died trying to migrant to Europe while crossing the Mediterranean . In the definition of human geography it states; “human geography concentrates on the spatial organization and processes shaping the lives and activities of people, and their interactions with places and nature,”(Dartmouth Library), which connects to how migrants were impacted by nature resulting in their deaths.

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Population shows how the world operates spatially and growth of population can be affected through certain factors such as geography. Population of countries and states can show how social relationships are integrated into places and environments. For example, Texas and Florida have had the largest population growth amongst the U.S states since January 2017. As of July 23, 2018 Texas population has increased by 494,622 and Florida in second with an increase of 410,347. Another main aspect of human geography is studying human activity and connecting those studies to make predictions. Population studies are done and predict future growths around the world. In India studies show that with India’s population growth record their population will be 25% more than China’s by 2050. With such a high population India is expected to replace China with the world's most populous country. Lastly, research has shown that world population growth will require the U.S to study agricultural research and investigate how to secure adbonment amount of food supplies. This shows how population growth affects the outside world through the need of implicating studies to assure there is enough food and agriculture. Overall, it goes to show that human life contributes to interrelationships amongst places and the environment.

Altogether current events are able to correlate to the meaning of human geography through, natural disasters, populations, and migration as they all represent how human movement varies spatially. Human geography is more than the study of people and the environment around them, it can lead to cultural and social sciences discoveries.

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