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What is Human Geography?

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When we begin to review the “why of where” concept we unveil a system of interconnected people, places, environments, and locations. (Castree, Kitchin, Rogers 1) These four ideas used in the definition of Human Geography show how “the world operates spatially”, (Castree, Kitchin, Rogers 1) and how each and every one of us is impacted by the livelihood of those half way across the world. Our man made interrelations bring the physical and geographical corners of the world together and show how current world events demonstrate that infrequent matters can bring us closer together.

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The World Cup which began June 14 and ended July 15 shows how a form of cultural geography, which is a subgroup of Human Geography, (Castree, Kitchin, Rogers 1) interconnects the lives of people around the world. 3.4 billion people watched the world cup around the world this past year, (Roxborough 1) which is about 50% of the global population. After the United States failed to qualify into the World Cup this past year, American fans were forced to root for another team in the Cup. In itself the fact that the World Cup was in Russia, forced fans from all around the world to come together to support an activity which in this case was a soccer match. Essentially the interrelationship between countries and the livelihood of fans is an example of Human Geography which is affected by those involved.

Back in early July this year Amazon was found selling Nazi affiliated items. Amazon responded to the acquisition by saying, “(we) must follow our guidelines and those who don’t are subject to swift action including potential removal of their account” (Zeveri 1). Basically what this

situation boils down to is world peace and overcoming prejudice in order to remove anti-semitism and racism. According to the New York Times, you can buy anti-semitic items and pro-holocaust material as well as nazi-themed action figures (Zeveri 1). While WWII and the inhumane tragedies mainly occurred in Europe, it emotionally affected enough Americans to feel so strongly about a cause that didn’t affect all of us directly. Until Amazon removes their white supremacist merchandise this could affect those who were emotionally troubled by Amazon’s unethical actions or their inability to review their own regulations associated with their products.

On July 10 all the members of a Thai soccer team as well as their coach were rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand (CBS 1). Many if not all American news channels were covering the tragedy and further lead to a worldwide effort to an emotional solution to retrieve the boys. While in the cave even Elon Musk proposed an idea to rescue the boys (Browne 1) which consisted of a mini-sized submarine to take the soccer team out from under the cave. While Mr. Musk’s idea did not make it full circle the boys were saved. According to CBS, community members in Thailand made food for the workers attempting at rescuing the boys (CBS 1). After a few Trump tweets the boys had more attention than ever (CBS 1). Who’s to say whether the global attention had them saved or if the workers knew what they were doing. Although, emotions travel thousands of miles connecting us for the greater good.

During the middle of July the prime minister of Haiti resigned after being in office for roughly a year and a half. Due to deadly protests over gasoline prices together the people of Haiti forced him to abandon his title as prime minister. Protests this past year have lead to deaths as well as the death of a policeman and a social leader’s death (Vera 1). Missionary groups were also stationed in Haiti during the protests impacting their families back home and around the United States. What we can learn from this is that together, no matter where we are we can change things for the better or the bad.

Pope Francis told Congress this past August that he “condemned the death penalty” (Povoledo, Goodstein 1). What does this mean for the world? It means that those practicing the Catholic religion will no longer support the death penalty, in theory. This could affect the upcoming presidential election in terms of how the Catholic voters may sway the polls. If a death penalty supporting democrat runs against Trump we may see another four years of the trump administration, or vice versa. Religious geography is a sub-group of Human Geography (Castree, Kitchin, Rogers 1) and demonstrates how a leader in Europe can influence not only the opinions of others around the world but possibly another country’s elections.

After the Southern California wildfires began to spread rapidly they soon gained control of news stations around the country for very good reasons. 85 million dollars out of the US economy has already been spent on containing these massive fires and yet they’re still ablaze (Lada 1). Air Bn’B is also helping to smother the fires. According to bustle, Air Bn’B is allowing those affected by the fires to stay in free rooms. When everyone and everything is connected we can begin to understand how unlikely pairs make a good team. FEMA is also combatting the fires (Stapf 1) along with Air Bn’B and the Southern California fire department (Lin 1). The problems in

Southern California are not solely affecting Southern Californians. According to PBS, the smoke from the fires are affecting all of California (Upton, Wheeling 1).

Another hot topic that has gained a lot of attention was the Trump and Putin summit. The summit that occurred in mid-July signified the possible alliance between two countries that have a rocky history. According to the washington post, the Russian people now have 42% positive views of the United States (Taylor 1). Connecting with countries far and wide may have possible benefits like an increase in trade or an alliance during a war. Political geography, a sub-group of Human geography (Castree, Kitchin, Rogers 1) demonstrates the benefits we have when we grow relations with other parts of the world.

Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court early last July. The question that should be running through your mind is, how will this man shape my life? And yes, he will in some ways but to the extent we do not know. As a sub-group, political geography exhibits how a minute change in government can mean a potentially big change for those living under it.

On a more green note, Seattle has recently banned all plastic utensils and straws. In attempts to prevent more pollution California struggles to keep the price of paper utensils down (Knicely 1). At 10% more in price (Knicely 1) paper utensils are costing California a lot of money and they must come to a consecutive conclusion, are these paper materials costing more than it would be to come up with a cheaper alternative? While California is left to decide how they will go along in their efforts to become a cleaner state we now know how coming together to positively impact the environment shows how the environment is affected.

While current events can tell us what’s happening around the world, we must continue to ask ourselves, how is this going to affect me? With this simple question we can see how despite place, environment, or location everything that happens everyday affects us someway or another (Castree, Kitchin, Rogers 1)

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?