What is Marriage and What Causes Divorce

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What is marriage? Marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and a woman. God who created female and male in his image, so they might become ne body and fertile and multiply. From the day a person is born he or she are determined to get married and share their life with their spouse and marriage is a beautiful thing because it is an experience and of course just like anything it has its ups and downs but some couple are unable to maintain their relationship because they can’t handle the problems so they choose divorce as a solution to that , further more divorce is definitely on a rise, at this time , the causes of divorce are diverse but some of the main causes of divorce are the inability to solve conflicts, Finance and sometimes couples becoming lost in the roles of marriage and definitely for every action there is a reaction and some of the main effects of divorce mostly revolve around the children for example children may have anxiety (social and mental) , behavioral and social problems and finally trouble with relationships. So what causes divorce? 

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Marriage is an experience it is also a huge change in a person’s life, but marriage is also a beautiful thing , married couple take care of each other when on is sick ,couples are each other’s entertainment and as of obvious it is always great to have a “partner in crime” and married couple are that to each other. Undoubtedly every couple has disagreements, and every relationship has differences too and every relationship had different sets of rules and bounders and having bounders allows each partner to feel respected and heard but some couples have issues with swallowing that hard pill of change in their lives so they tend to neglect the relationship and ignore the reason they actually got married for despite this issue some couples work it out and make solutions but others just get to a conclusion that they are not ready for commitment and they bale. The key to a successful marriage is communication and married couples go through rough times and for them overcome the obstacle they should be capable of finding solutions and understanding each other’s need , but what if a couple lacks communication? If 2 spouse had poor communication, the conflict might go to a very different direction in other words it might be a small disagreement but when lacking communication is might become a very serious issue which will cause frustration ,mistrust , tension ,and defensiveness can intensify the conflict and without a doubt if that kept occurring after every silly argument the relationship is going to reach to a dead end. 

Finally finance , it’s not generally the lack of money that causes the separation , in fact it is the lack of compatibility in the finance department that does .Opposites can attract but on the other hand couples that have different perspective of finance divorce becomes a priority , for example , when one of the spouse is a saver and the other is a spender and the saver does not want to compromise with the spender and what if one of the spouse is the one who makes more money and the other spends it without respecting the other’s vision of saving ,spending or investing. One is living in the moment and the other in the cloud of the future and after a period of time the only solution to end this conflict will be a divorce. Almost all couples get married and have children shortly after and children means responsibility loads and loads of responsibility and all decisions made by the couples directly affect their children.

 Therefore one of the biggest effects of divorce is the effects is the effects it has on children ,children living in single parents homes are most likely the ones to get pregnant at a very young age ,use drugs and alcohol and drop out of school and because children of divorced parents drop out of high school, they tend to have hard times finding jobs due to their lack of education further more children from broken homes will have social issues like maintaining a long term relationship because of what their parents went through they fear that happening to them as well. Adding to that, children who experience their parents divorce at a young age tend to have social and mental anxiety about the fact that all their friends have both parents but they don’t and these thoughts lead to anger which develops into behavioral problems which later on will affect them drastically. 

Moreover children always look up to their parents and missing a parent in a kids life may cause big trouble because each parent play a different role in their child life for instance the mother has to be her little daughter’s dress up partner or he teen daughter’s relationship adviser and even a father sending his 15 year old to his first dance or cheering his 20 year old for choosing a beautiful girlfriend apart from this boys without their parents are more likely to commit crime, and less likely to graduate . And without a doubt it is known how fathers are with their daughters ,he plays the role of the police that scares of his daughter’s boyfriend , he also models what sort of man she would want as her future husband in general girls without fathers tend to start sexual activity early and more likely to have non-marriageable pregnancy.

 In conclusion marriage can be a beautiful experience that comes with a lot of consequences like lack of communication and the inability of the couple yo cope with marriage ruled and finally financial issues and couples should give a lot of hard work into making the relationship successful if not it would have to lead to divorce which has a large number of effects, mostly on children such as behavioral problems, having social issues as well as mental and social anxiety. Therefore couples should always ask themselves why they got married in the first place and remember the good times that they spent together and they should be able to let marriage be re-defined for the sake of their children and themselves.   

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