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Nexa is the contemporary dealership format for premium segment cars of maruti Suzuki. that makes cars for the top of the line purchasers who have gone past their first autos and are currently searching for the premium cars with ideal after sales services. It offers an abnormal state of refinement and depends on the standards of eliteness, spoiling and tuning in to the buyer.

Nexa was a mammoth errand for both the brand and Hakuhodo India group, the office endowed with the duty of making Nexa. On to the planning phase, the organization needed to return to the whole trip of client's involvement while purchasing a Nexa

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Nexa is a part of India's biggest car organization , maruti Suzuki. The organization, a joint wander with India of Japan, has been an example of overcoming adversity like no other in the records of the Indian car industry. This accomplishment was accomplished by the missionary energy of our representatives over the line and the far-located vision of our administration.

To give an extensive variety of present day, excellent fuel proficient vehicles all together to meet the need of various clients, both in residential and send out business sectors.

Nexa is a globally focused organization as far as the items and services. Nexa should hold the administration in India and ought to likewise seek to be among the worldwide player.

Executive Summary

Nexa, inaugurated 200 dealership showrooms in India on Jan 23, 2018 all finished India, as selective outlets to offer its top notch scope of autos. NEXA remained for New Exclusive Automotive Experience; which was the theory behind Nexa's new undertaking. These outlets gave a more sumptuous purchasing knowledge for the clients inspired by purchasing a superior item. NEXA showrooms were unique in relation to customary Nexa showrooms and guaranteed to give more customized premium experience to its clients. These excellent showrooms were highlighted with the prevalent style, feel, and a more spoiled client benefit. The principal auto to be propelled by Nexa was S-Cross Premium Crossover on August 5, 2015, trailed by Baleno. Nexa had not been fruitful as far as volume for Baleno when it was already propelled through its general Nexa Showrooms. After it was propelled through NEXA on November 26, 2015, they could accomplish higher volumes. Nexa, had been India's main auto mark in the economy auto section for more than 3 decades numerous different models of autos in the pipeline, to be propelled in the auto showcase in India. A portion of the main brands commanding the auto showcase in India at display are Hindustan Motors, Reva Electric Car Co., Fiat India Private Ltd., Daimler Chrysler India Private Ltd, Ford India Ltd., Honda Siel Cars India Ltd., General Motors India, Hyundai Motors India Ltd., Skoda Auto India Private Ltd., and Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd. Since the interest for remote autos are expanding with time, enormous brands like, Volkswagen, TATA, nissan and have since a long time ago influenced an invasion into the Indian auto to showcase.



  • NEXA is a part of maruti suzuki India which is in a leadership position in the market with a market share of 48.74.
  • Major strength of NEXA is that it a part of maruti Suzuki which enjoy the highest reach of contact with the customers.
  • Good promotional strategy is adopted by NEXA to transfer its thoughts to the people about its products.
  • Strong Brand Value and Loyal Customer Base are big strengths for NEXA.
  • There are around 6 vehicles in NEXA portfolio. Has good product lines with good fuel efficiency like ciaz, baleno.
  • Baleno beats the small car segment with third highest number of sales.
  • NEXA has good market share and hence it’s after sales service is a major revenue contributor.


  • Low interior quality inside the cars when compared to quality players like Hyundai and other new foreign players like Volkswagen ,Nissan etc.
  • Government intervention due to having share in mul.
  • Younger generations started getting a great affinity towards new foreign brands
  • The management and the company’s labor unions are not in good terms. The recent strikes of the employees have slowed down production and in turn affecting sales.
  • NEXA hasn’t proved itself in SUV segment like other players.


  • Creating hybrid cars and fuel effective autos for the future can be an open door for Nexa.
  • Nexa can target tapping developing markets over the world and building a worldwide brand .
  • Quickly developing vehicle advertise and expanded acquiring power NEXA can start R&D on electric cars for a much better substitute of the fuel.
  • NEXA 600 has a huge potential in tapping the middle class segment and act as a strong threat to Hyundai.
  • New S-cross from Nexa will capture the market share and expected to create the same magic as Nexa swift Export capacity of the company is giving new hopes in American and UK markets

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