What is Philosophy in My Own Words and Why It's so Important in Schools

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Philosophy is really just a form of learning about the fundamentals but in a more in depth way. You can learn the basics and you can learn how they work or how certain things had occurred but philosophy makes you think about the why; what caused a person or thing to react a certain way and what made them do that specific thing, knowing that there were multiple options. The education systems goal is for everyone to learn at the same pace, about the same things, all at the same time, so students aren't really engaging in rigorous methods of thinking, or how to be intellectually playful when it comes to learning. It's all about the basics.

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Philosophy is a teaching mechanism for students to learn, and present meaningful questions, share out their deeply held beliefs and work out their ideas diligently. When people hear the phrase “philosophical thinking” or “think philosophically” they overthink and begins to get frustrated. They believe that you are asking for a more academic answer when really you just want to hear their opinion. Philosophy was created to carefully help you think more broadly and make your thoughts, I guess, less ordinary. We need to teach it because “distinctions and controversies on matters concerning which knowledge is impossible” this view comes from “a wrong conception of the ends of life, partly from a wrong conception of the kind of goods which philosophy tries to achieve” (Russell, Bertrand, The Value of Philosophy). In other words, philosophy is very opinionated, however, many people have a wrong conception about it which gives it such a negative connotation, basically proving the point on why it is such an important tool for students and people in general. Due to the fact that high school students have yet to fully develop thinking habits, we remain open and inquisitive. We began reading and analyzing philosophical texts and with that knowledge we construct arguments and opinions of our own. On the other hand, many teachers might have the idea that philosophy does not impact every subject in the curriculum, but it does. Yes, Philosophy can focus mostly on clear thinking literature, writing and composition, but,

We need to advocate and encourage students and teachers to find ways to use collaboration. In order to make learning more relaxing and exciting we need to implement philosophical thinking. Teaching is a catalyst that calls everyone to become more and more engaged. Divergent teaching will offer the space for change, invention, spontaneous shifts, that can serve as a catalyst to draw out the unique element in each classroom. This makes the point that what is needed is a philosophical class to inspire others to work for justice, changing the educational system so that schooling is not a place where students are expected to support an imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy or any ideology. But on the other hand, learn to open their minds, to engage in rigorous study and to think critically.

Freedom is a process that is powered by the creative energy of teachers, students, and the educational environment when creating a unique vision on how to build up creativity in students. Philosophy is an aspect of protecting students' rights of freedom of speech without hindrance.

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