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What Is Re-marketing Or Re-targeting About

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Have you ever realised that some ads, while you are surfing online, act like your die-hard fans? They never leave you alone, whatever you search for, whichever website your visit to, they always pop-up almost everywhere. And these ads are mainly about the items you have recently searched for.

Suppose you visited, for example, and searched for “Men’s Shirts”. You got a plethora of items. You clicked on a few of the shirts to check and then suddenly you changed your mind regarding the pricing of the shirts and you exited the website.

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And the very next moment, you visited to check out some news. Suddenly you realised that the very shirt you searched on Amazon, was flashing on NDTV website with some other options as well. Can you relate the websites linkage between NDTV and Amazon? Nothing apparent at all? Right? But still, the ads were related to your search.

Now, after viewing the ad you’re attracted towards the shirt again and planning to buy it somehow. You purchased it on EMI or asked for money from one of your friends. And at the company was able to make a sale.

Would you have purchased the shirt had it not been shown to you time and again? Possibly no. But a few time flashing of your favoured items’ advertisement had helped not only the company but you as well as you fulfilled your interest.

So, what do we call this re-engaging formula?

Re-marketing or Re-targeting.

A new buzzword. Let’s define it formally.

Re-marketing is a wise way to connect with the people who visited your website or mobile app but didn’t make immediate purchases. It helps you position targeted ads in front of a defined audience who has already visited your website and has shown interest in your product, as he browses elsewhere around the internet.

It’s generally believed that education is one of a few sectors where, the spending on advertisement has a negative impact on the output, which is the number of enrolment of students.

In other words, the more an institution will advertise itself, its programmes, it’s deemed to be less effective, less illustrious, and thus forms a negative image about the institution in the customer’s mind.

Lovely Professional University, for example. You must be familiar with it.

Now, have you ever heard of IIMs or IITs or any other top-rated institution advertising their programmes?


Are you sure that the answer to the previous question is “no”? Think again.

Had it been a few years back I would have said “no” with full confidence. But now the scenarios have been changing. Nowadays many of the institution are advertising their courses, be it online or classroom courses. But the online courses are affected more by advertising then the classroom courses because of the accessibility.

In this fast-moving digital world, where almost everything is just a click away, and the demand for online courses has been increasing tremendously over the years,

so do the number of entities providing online courses. MICA’s online courses, IIM-Rohtak’s online courses, Coursera, Google courses, Udemy, Hubspot, and many more sources are providing online certification courses and helping people to enhance their CV and knowledge as well.

But how is the awareness about these courses? Are people really availing these courses?

A research says that 95% of the visitors leave the website without completing the transaction of any kind. The demand has been increased but the convert, that is enrolment in courses, has not. So, if you’re a company, you just can’t sit down and wait for the customer to visit your website and inquire about the courses offered by you again and again. The customer can move to some other platforms as well. And you won’t want that you invested a lot of money in your business and customer is getting away from you. What to do in this case so that you can re-engage your customer with your offering once he has exited your website?


Re-marketing is an excellent way of advertising that provides an excellent way to re-engage the customer. It’s cheaper, and more reliable as well, when compared to normal search and display advertising, because the customer is able to see the ads multiple times and since he has shown some interest in this course, so after a few times it could be possible that he will change his mind and purchase the courses.

MICA is extensively advertising its online courses, and re-marketing forms an important part of that advertisement. Well, I myself have witnessed it.

The most influential platform for re-marketing is Google Ad words. The database of Google is so large (Do I really need to say that?) that it is easier for entities to advertise on Google’s platform.

We have seen that how the entities are reengaging their valued customer but how can we say that the customer when it will see the offering by the institutions for the second time will definitely make a transaction, i.e., enrol for the course?

A few factors that can play the deciding role in the final convert are the type of the courses (online or classroom), price change, the positioning of the advertisement on the current website of the customer, landing page experience and a few more.

The type of institution providing the course also plays an important role in the final convert as well. For example, a person will be more motivated to purchase courses from MICA or Udemy than some unknown sources when visiting for instances other than first.

The above a few statements painted quite a rosy picture of the benefits of re-marketing in the education enrolment but is it really so? Are we missing some angles to look at?

Again let’s take an example.

Suppose that the customer exited the website of the course provider and he started searching some of the valuable things regarding his job, in case of a professional, or about to read an important article online, in case of a student and in order to do so, he realised that the constant popping ads disturb his focus, then that can create a negative impact on the customer’s mind and he can block the ads of that particular entity and hence a loss for the entity/institution.

Even spamming the customer’s mail regarding the courses offered can have a disastrous impact on the entity as well.

Re-marketing, if used controllably, can be proved a good source for the education enrolment and be helpful for the entities using it to improve sales.

After all, profit is what every entity works for and in order to achieve that you cannot upset your customer by providing poor and unsatisfactory services.

For the time being, the concept of re-marketing is here to stay.

So, cheer its differences, if any, and try to take its advantages.


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