What is Stress and Why Do We Feel Stress?

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What is stress? Why do we feel stress?

Everyone feels stressed from time to time in his or her everyday life. Some people may say that they feel stress out most of the time but stress is not necessarily a ‘terrible’ thing. Without stress, human beings would not have survived in this technology advanced world. Stress is needed for a person to be alert and prepared for the challenges in their lives. However, excessive stress can also affect a person’s well-being.

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Stress is actually a normal response of a human body when they feel threatened or upset. When the human body feels stress, it thinks that it is being under attack and will quickly respond by switching to ‘fight or flight’ mode, releasing a complex mix of hormones and chemicals to protect itself from any harm; for instance, by preparing the body for any physical actions (What is stress?). Stress causes a great number of reactions to a human body such as irritability, muscle tension, depression, sleeplessness, loss of memory or other cognitive function and far more serious problems, including increased heart rate and blood pressure, and ultimately cardiac arrest (Solution for Reducing Stress).

Other than that, stress have both negative and positive effects on the basic dimensions of a human health; that is through thoughts, emotions, behaviours and body reactions. Negative stress could easily impact a person’s well-being, especially when it feels threatened or at risk of danger and loss. While positive stress is more likely to result in positive outcomes in challenges or something that human beings can strive to overcome. Negative stress may also affect a person’s health if used unhealthy behaviours to cope. Positive stress brings motivation for a person to work hard if responded with healthy behaviours that helps to improve the situation. Hence, the positive effects of stress could also be experience when a person is faced with some negative effects. It is everyone’s responsibility to take appropriate measures in dealing with stress. They need to learn to keep a balance through their body and mind. Meanwhile, they must also learn the ways to change their behaviour when faced with pressure.

There are a few ways that people could easily deal with stress. For example, by confronting and distancing yourself from personal problems, self-control with personal feelings and emotions, seeking social support from friends and families, accepting personal responsibility, and engage in good physical exercise and relaxation.

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